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Wheel loader: The main uses

A detailed blog on wheel loaders.

A Wheel loader is a sort of a tractor that consists of a huge bucket mounted at the front end which is used to scoop materials. The wheel loader is known by several different names that include front loader, front end loader, skip loader, scoop loader and bucket loader. The wheel loader or the front loader is found in different industries that require dealing with heavy materials.

Timber and Logging

The wheel loader is used in the logging and timber industry to cut or move the logs and then stack them in the pile. Instead of the bucket in the front of these machines, the attachment in the front is replaced with hydraulic grabs that pinch the wood to secure a stronger grip, the logs are then placed on the truck and transported to the factory. The loaders are also used to unload the trucks when they arrive at the destination.


The wheel loader can often be seen near a construction site as they are usually used to clean the debris or the level of the ground of the construction site. Wheel loaders remove the bricks, building material, and the dirt. When the other attachments are attached, the wheel loader can be used for more applications such as, grabbing pipes with a fork, or handling the trash with the refuse buckets. The versatility of these trucks makes them so valuable in the construction industry. These are not hard to get, there is a lot of used wheel loader for sale in the market due to the high demand.


The farming industry has used these wheel loaders for so many years for various purposes. The wheel loader can move the bales of the hay that weighs up to half a ton to feed the horses and cattle. The tractors move a huge quantity of the manure from the pasture to the disposal. Dirt, seeds, and grain can be easily and quickly moved from one part to another part of the farm. The land can also be cleared using the special attachments for planting season.

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