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Where and How Can I buy Best Ladies Watch?

The minimalist style has been storming the fashion world for several decades. Of course, there were periods in fashion when the most fashionable were large, highly visible accessories. At one time there was a fashion for loose pants, in other years the most fashionable were huge pendants or large handbags, yet, at other times high haircuts won the first pages of fashion magazines. Nevertheless, minimalism is the most classic, stylish and universal trend in fashion.

A timeless dress for parties, parties or family gatherings? Small black. The best pants for every occasion? Fitted jeans. A watch that goes with every clothes? Modest, minimalist, with a smooth strap and a neutral shield. But how do you choose minimalist watches and bracelets for your occasion? It is worth remembering the rule “the less – the better”.

How And Where To Choose A Minimalist Watch?

When it comes to the color of the buckle here, it is worth suggesting that you already have jewelry – a ring, earrings or piercings – or, if you do not wear other accessories or jewelry, we should suggest skin tone. Warm shades of olive skin go perfectly with golden accessories, light, cool complexion is the perfect backdrop for silver jewelry. If we want to look stylish and not to provoke the appearance, it is safest to combine watches with silver elements with silver jewelry, and gold – with gold jewelry. The same principle applies to minimalist bracelets.

The second important issue is choosing an addition to the color of your outfit, but it’s worth remembering that the black, silver or gold watch will match almost any stylization. Sets of watches and bracelets proposed by the Otien store look great. There is no shortage of minimalist solutions for every lady. Visit mydexire now to see a big collection that you need.

What Watch For The Occasion?

When looking for a watch or bracelet that fits the office, for corporate events or small family parties, it is worth choosing a non-indistinct model, with a classic white or black dial, on a thin bar in muted colors or on a delicate bracelet. It is better to give up large, exaggerated shields and bright colors. Thanks to this choice, the watch will emphasize our simple yet elegant stylization, giving it a professional look. Almagro or Canari watches in black or white are 100% a good choice.

A minimalist watch, which in turn is perfect for large family occasions such as weddings, baptisms or anniversaries is a small but decorative or one that we can combine with a stylish bracelet. The blue Senlis watch from the Otien store fits perfectly with the silver thin bracelet, e.g. with the Zoza model with crystals, thus creating a beautiful composition. You can also ask for more style by choosing a watch on a delicate bracelet. Watch Dijon or Orival, details in combination with a small bracelet will be a choice for five.

Delicate weave, shine and unique design are the special features of silver bracelets that look charming, gently entwining the woman’s wrists. Silver bracelets are an elegant, delicate and very romantic accessory that fits almost any stylization. They can be worn for daytime styling as well as in the evening. It is then worth to put on earrings and a silver pendant . The silver jewelry worn in the set is a unique and tasteful whole that highlights the beauty of every woman.

If you are looking for an unusual gift for yourself or a woman close to your heart, then you are in the most appropriate place. In the offer of our store in the section Silver bracelets you will surely choose something perfect. We offer modern silver bracelets, simple and delicate circles, decorative wings, shells or bracelets with a floral or infinity motif. Smooth, convex, oval. Carved or not, on stiff bracelets or delicate chains … and much more. A huge variety of designs, leitmotifs and delicacy makes our bracelets find application both during everyday activities and during official meetings.

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