Why Online Ludo Is Better Than Offline Ludo?

The transition of ludo from a traditional board game to a modern online game was the least expected thing that happened in the last few years, especially the popularity. As the board game was losing players regularly, it was predicted that even if the game goes online, it will still have a lower ratio of players as compared to other games. But surprisingly the free ludo online game took off really well and accumulated huge traffic.

The game was still the same as before, it just went online and was loved and appreciated by players. It was the most played online game during the lockdown. A primary reason behind this is that the online version enables players to earn money through a ludo real money game. Below are a few of the other major reasons that led online ludo to become one of the most played online games:

You Can Play Ludo Anywhere And Everywhere

The biggest drawback of the offline ludo was people didn’t have access to it everywhere and even if they did, they needed to spend money to buy it. Players never wanted to carry the board and tokens while traveling. The free ludo online game enabled everyone to play ludo anywhere and everywhere.

Whether you want to play the game on a journey while on a bus/train or whenever you have free time anywhere, you can just bring your phone out and play. With the help of a stable internet connection and even an average smartphone, you can play ludo anywhere and everywhere.

The Gameplay Is Fair

In offline ludo, players used to cheat a lot whether it was using a particular dice or skipping a player’s turn if he/she wasn’t paying attention. But if you play ludo on android then it’s unlikely that you will ever see such things.

The gaming platforms ensure that no player has an unfair advantage and all players are treated equally. The dice number is totally random and doesn’t have a pattern. Ludo with payment gateway always has a winner that wins because of skills not cheating.

You Can Play With Anyone

One of the most significant disadvantages of the old board game was gathering players in one place in order to play. More often than not players had no one to play with which is why most of them abandoned offline . A free online game gives players the luxury to play against anyone at any time.

Whether it’s a complete stranger or family or a friend who is thousands of kilometers away, you can play with them anytime. You can get random opponents 24/7 in a play 6 minute ludo game, online ludo is never short of players.


There’s no doubt that offline had its own benefits and its own era dominating the world of board games. But it’s hard to ignore the convenience and comfort of the free ludo online game. It doesn’t matter which one you prefer, what matters is the game is still one of the best games in the world for entertainment.

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