Drift Hunters – Endless Slideways Fun!

Drift Hunters is a free-to-play browser drifting game offering a selection of high-performance tuner cars on a variety of exciting tracks.

Do you love to drift? If so, then the free game we are about to show will be right up your alley. 

Drift Hunters is one of those games that has an excellent set of features and also gets played by millions around the world! 

You can try this awesomely fun activity without having any cost whatsoever thanks to it being freely available to play online, wherever you are.

You can customize and build car models, cand hoose tracks with ease thanks in part due to its intuitive interface- all while earning coins that unlock new cars, and features.

The 3D drifting game is not just an amazing experience, it's also one of the best online free online car games you'll find. 

How to Play the Game

The game starts off with a Toyota Corolla AE86 and as you level up, and your drifting skills can improve, you will even unlock more car models for use on track. 

The game provides excellent cars such as the Nissan S13, or Honda Civic Type R among many others. There are also performance upgrades available after purchasing them.

There are a number of different tracks to choose from, so you never get bored. And if your car crashes then don't worry – this game is forgiving and friendly for everyone, no matter what your experience level.

The game is all about drifting, so why not get good at it? 

Players can customize their car tuning and compete with friends to see who's got the fastest ride. 

It may feel difficult at first but just keep playing until you find that perfect setup!

Drift Hunters Features

Drifting Hunters is more than just a free game to play in your browser, it's an experience. 

With over 25 different cars from JDM to Euro, there will be something for everyone.

What makes Drifting Hunters so unique is the amazing car tuning feature. Not many drifting games have this, and it's a huge advantage because of how important fine adjustments can be to get that perfect drift.

Once you've mastered Drift Hunters, it's time to check out the latest game in the series – Drift Hunters MAX

Enjoy this new game from Drifted exclusively to start experiencing crazy drifting moments right away.


Why not practice your sideways skills today? The game offers everything that motorsport enthusiasts will love: awesome cars to drive around with an adjustable racing track and plenty of customization opportunities for your vehicle.


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