Magical Hour With Mountain Gorilla


In the remote south-western corner on the boarder of Rwanda and the democratic republic of Congo lies mountain gorilla safari country – Uganda foremost tourist destination. Here, set in regional landscape of extraordinary drama and variety, the national parks of mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable forest sustain a remarkable diversity of plants, birds and mammals, most notably, Uganda safari tours to see mountain gorilla. This endangered ape has a total population of only 1000 and is found in Bwindi forest and on the nearby virunga volcanoes.


You need to hire best gorilla trekking company to encountering mountain gorilla in their natural habitat is one of the world’s premier wildlife encounters – one that more than justifies the long journey to this remote corner of Africa. Although gorillas are undeniable intelligent and impressive creatures to watch – the silverback can weigh over 200kg (450 lb.) the greatest rewards are less tangible. Gorilla and humans are closely related and many observers experience a profound connection with their ape cousins. Visitors can also take pride in the fact that, by tracking mountain gorillas, they are helping to ensure the survival of one of the world’s rarest animals.

The driest months for Uganda gorilla safari tours are January to February and June to September, although heavy rain can fall any time of the year. Evening temperatures are cool.

People also as – Is Uganda Safe for safari? The answer remains gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Uganda wildlife safari is safe and there is no worry to plan for your next trip to Uganda.

How much is Uganda safari tours? gorilla trekking permit goes at 700usd for one hour being with gorillas not included transport, accommodation and meals.

Bwindi constitutes an island of remnant forest in densely cultivated region of hills and deep valleys adjoining the Albertine rift valley and Virunga volcanoes.

Bwindi impenetrable forest and you should hire one of the a unique best Uganda gorilla trekking companies that will offer you memorable gorilla trekking experience in One of Africa’s oldest forests "Bwindi". It’s also one of the most bio diverse with 200 species of trees, 350 birds, 310 butterflies, 88 moths, 51 reptiles and 120 mammals including several other primates, notably the nation star attraction, the mountain gorilla. Bwindi has 18 habituated gorilla groups, which are tracked from four trail heads. Eight permits are available for each group, giving a daily maximum of 144 permits . Gorilla safari tours in Uganda takes two to eight hours depending on the location of group. Be prepared for some strenuous exercise on the steep, densely vegetated slopes of the impenetrable forest on this Uganda Safari to encounter with mountain gorillas.

How much is Uganda safari? Uganda safari can be 300usd- 900usd per person per day.

People ask; what is the best month to book for Uganda safari? You can choose to visit Uganda any months of the year but mostly summer season is best.

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