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Your Relocation Checklist For A Cozy Living

Did they patch of mold in your living area just get bigger in a few days time? Is there a foul smell in your basement area? Do you not get enough sunlight in and around your house? Do your children always complain of not having a good neighborhood? Does it take you hours and hours to reach back home from work? If you are facing some or all of these problems, then you are not alone. Like you, many people are thinking of relocating to a new home with good living conditions and a better lifestyle.

As a matter of fact, relocation is quite common these days but trust me it is no joke. The very thought of moving to a new home comes with forsaking all the emotional attachments with your present one. Remember, you just do not live under a roof, you make memories too. So, before you actually pack everything and make a move, you must go through all the legal and physical arrangements for your new settlement. Start with confabulating information about your new home, locality, city and even country, in case you are shifting to a new one. For a smooth move, we have gathered a relocation checklist without which your move would just be so incomplete. So let’s get started and provide you with a cozy living in your new home.

Relocation Cozy Living

Before we start on the real checklist, one most important step which is way above any checklist item is your address update in USPS. If you want to keep getting all your emails and subscription at your new address then highest priority item is filing a change address in USPS. Once you have done that, carry on with the below checklist.

Relocation Checklist for a smooth move

  1. Whether it is only you moving for a new job or your entire family moving for a lifestyle upgrade, you must begin with finding out available property options including houses, condos, apartments, etc, that you can rent or purchase. Sometimes, your new employer may list down a few options, but in most cases, you are on your own. To save you a massive headache of home hunting, you must make a deal in advance. Read about the county or neighborhood you will be settling in and look for an appropriate housing option. Surf the net, talk to local property dealers, look for open houses, etc.
  2. Once, you have chosen your preferred accommodation type, next you must navigate all the varied places such as supermarkets, florists, metro stations, doctor’s clinic, etc, in your new town or city. This will give you a good kick start and list down all the places you will be required soon enough. You can also browse online maps for further information.
  3. Whether you relocate all alone or are accompanied by a family, you will be needing a few places where you could treat yourself and the family with some adventure and fun. Restaurants and good dine-out options, parks, shopping marts and malls, and an endless list of places filled with fun and frolic. Once settled go out for fun outings and picnics. Also, seek entertainment and sporting options.
  4. Well, most of you who are shifting with kids, education is a top priority. Your search shall begin with school hunting, selection process and finally enrollment. Sounds like a walk in the park, but it’s not. Whether it’s mid-term or a new enrollment, the entire admission procedure can just tire you to death. On the bright side, look, scan and select your choice of school beforehand. Also, keep in touch with the school authorities in case there is a seat available for your child. Believe me, once the school is checked ‘Ok’ on your checklist, you save yourself a lot of stress.
  5. While the entire relocation process is being planned, always make sure you opt a housing option close to your kid’s school or college. Also, keep in mind your new home is near to your employment. You will be pardoned heavy traffic, the principal reason for which the entire relocation happens.
  6. Talk to your neighbors, pay them a visit, organize a Sunday brunch and get involved. You must not forget your kids and you have bid adieu to your old neighborhood. Soon your kids will be needing friends and so will you. A get-together with your neighbors is quite a solution.
  7. Next thing, you must gather information regarding the education standards and the academic excellence of the schools and universities in your city. Your child may be a toddler today but will be going to school in some time. Keep your options open.
  8. If you are relocating to a new country, then you must know the language well. If you are no expert, enroll yourself to a language class a month or two before and learn as much as you can. Also, read important facts such as lifestyle, culture, lakes, rivers, population, ethnicity, etc.
  9. A new country or state means new laws. Drill down all the essential laws, rules and regulations, and the like. If you know driving, you must learn about the driving rules, especially being new to the city. After all, there is no harm in staying vigilant and alert in the new city.
  10. Last but not least, pick a reputable relocation company for a hassle-free move. A good company can make all the difference.

I believe this relocation checklist can be a life-saver. Have a clutter-free and uncomplicated move into your new home.

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