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Link Building Mistakes Every SEO Beginner Makes

SEO is not just about keywords research and content creation but also about quality link building. Google also revealed its importance by saying that content, links, and Rankbrain are the top three SEO ranking determining factors.

Top quality backlinks foster the traffic number and conversion rate simultaneously. Nonetheless, creating or getting quality backlinks is a hard-hitting task. And for SEO beginners, it would become more rigid if not done under the guidance of well-known local SEO consultants.

Common mistakes noticed over a certain period of time really need consideration because rushing towards links without proper analysis would penalize you in search engines rather than benefiting you. Yes, it is due to the fact that none of the search engine algorithm support black-hat link building. If you do so, they will easily recognize it. So, on a serious note, beginners should take a smart link building strategy into account.

Mistakes Every Link Building Beginner Does

Seo beginners think that they have complete knowledge of acquiring backlinks. They judge their SEO strategy by making a goal of having as many backlinks as possible. In lieu of this, they thoughtlessly start building backlinks almost from every possible website leaving the quality of link unnoticed. It’s the disaster recipe of being a favorite of Google or any other search engine. It will ruin your effort, and time you have utilized to acquire those backlinks.

Link Building SEO

You Prefer Quantity Over Quality of Backlinks

It is the most terrible mistake done by the link builders. In haste of getting bundles of links and be in the good book of the firm they try black hat SEO tactics that are beneficial for the short term but of no value in a long run. Therefore, one should determine the quality of backlinks after considering these few factors.

  • If you acquire the links from a low-quality website, links would be also of low quality. Get the backlinks from an authoritative source. More the venerable and reputable source of backlink is, more will be the importance of the link you’ve acquired.
  • If your links are not relevant, search engines would consider it in black-hat SEO. Therefore, get backlinks only relevant to your business.
  • If the content link is not relevant to the content on your website then you won’t be rewarded with good rankings. So, only use the link of relevant content in your blog post.

Backlinks SEO

You are Buying Links Straight Away

Finding quality link building sites can be hysterical. If you spend maximum part of your day in finding the links and just notice the DA, PA or spam score of the website link and buy the links, then you are doing a big mistake. Before buying the links, go for free links acquisition. Don’t put yourself into risks, but use the link building tools to search for valuable prospects. Build a robust link building strategy so that you don’t get penalized by search engines.Buying Links SEO

You Are Acquiring Spammy Links

More often, it happens, after you find the link and you are done with complete analysis of the linkable website. You get the free link or buy the backlink to rank your website and after some days the link you got for free was spammy by the search engines. What will happen then? Obviously, everything will be disturbed. Haste makes waste; therefore, it is suggested to think before you buy a link or get a backlink for free without knowing its worth.

If you don’t pay attention to this and build 5000 links per week, you are most probably at risk of being banned from SERPs in a quest of reaching on top of the first page. Being said that, quality along with quantity makes a big difference. You should get quality backlinks from a single source having high DA rather than having 200 backlinks from high spam score source.

Seo Inbound Links

Your Links Have No Diversity

Don’t spend on link building campaign before you have complete knowledge of the maximum benefits out of it. Posting of the same article on different sources won’t improve the backlinks quality. You should make link building portfolio more organic and more natural.

  • Anchor text distribution should encompass your targeted keywords and visible/clickable text in your hyperlink. If you keep on using the same anchor text for backlink acquiring then it’s of no use. Apply different anchor texts that are relevant so that you can create a backlink on a different source.
  • Make your anchor text SEO friendly and well optimized. It will help the search engines to understand the content and context of the link source.
  • There is no hidden secret to do-follow or nofollow links in your website ranking. More than that, it doesn’t mean to avoid the non-follow links altogether as they are advantageous for the referral traffic.

You Have Links from Pages Spiders Can’t Crawl

SEO link structure

The link (keywords in anchor text and no nofollow attribute) you’ve acquired from any source might look perfect link but it might be not a link is true. It mostly happens in case of link exchange where you put link to other site but that site is not linking back to you. Moreover, the links Google can’t index are usually banned by robots.txt. So, it is recommended to check whether your links are accessible to spider or not.

You are Chasing Your Competitor’s Backlink Profile

Following exactly the same links as your competitor have won’t necessarily outrank you. No doubt, there are some industry leading links that would benefit you but following them all in all won’t give you a guaranteed ranking. So, follow the competitor’s profile wisely, see what seems to work in your niche implement white hat seo techniques and get high conversion rates. You can get assistance from a local SEO company for search engine optimization services and strengthen your own website link profile.

These were the huge link building mistakes that if left unnoticed will kill ROI and at the end of the day you will be left with empty hands. So, be vigilant and avoid these mistakes in the future.

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