10 more points you should know before choosing an Interior Designer.

If you’re an interior designer, what are the probable questions you’d ask your potential customer?

  1. Personality
  2. Photographs
  3. Asking the right questions
  4. Taking notes
  5. Suppliers
  6. Where can I find an Interior Designer?
  7. Insurance
  8. How much do interior designers spend?
  9. Work schedule
  10. Additional jobs

1) Personality

Mutual transparency and honesty is really important in making your dream home come true. Respecting your customers’ point of view and acting accordingly. You need to think like each other so as to get the best job done.

2) Photographs

It is always important for the customer as well as the designer to get a clear image of what is going to happen in reality. Photographs sharing or asking for it is not really necessary.

3) Asking the right questions

In order to start a work, all the discussions including budget constraints and designs and materials used and so on, should be clear between the designer and the customer. The views and thoughts regarding designing should be questioned and answered correctly by concerned individuals.

4) Taking notes

Choosing an interior designer depends on how seriously he attends to what you say. Taking notes and noticing facts like access to property, wood floors and acoustic levels, hours of work needed to complete the work, neighbors and so on. These points should be noticed in a professional.

5) Suppliers

Designers do not usually disclose the workers and companies they hire to fulfill your needs. As customers, you should know all the details including suppliers and quality of materials supplied.

6) Where can I find an Interior Designer?

Mostly choosing an interior designer is based on recommendations from family and friends. Moreover, one can go to his/her country’s institute for interior design if they have one. Check local magazines and take proper information regarding the designer you’re planning to appoint.

7) Insurance

It is one of the basic needs, that a professional designer should be having indemnity insurance. Any builder or designer must show these papers before joining a project.

8) How much do interior designers spend?

This question cannot be answered straightforwardly. This includes many aspects like hourly rate, percentage of building cost, installments to the suppliers, remuneration to the workers, etc. All these are used and accepted by market professionals. Contracts made in an hourly basis should be framed in a timesheet in order to choose percentage option. As a client, one should always verify these papers containing terms and conditions for the project, or make your terms clear to one another.

9) Work schedule

Work schedule includes the time invested by the designer and not the workers alone. Customers should know who is choosing and purchasing materials for the project and company him in the doings. Time overlap causes failure and time waste. Confusions like who is buying, when you are meeting, what are the decisions being taken and how often you need updates. These facts should be clear from the very beginning.

10) Additional jobs

The necessary arrangements are to be made before and after the job. Jobs include shifting of furniture, renting an apartment, for the time being, evacuating the workspace, cleaning, selling old items or reusing them …these should be made clear from the start for satisfactory and praiseworthy work. All the best! GO ahead and design your dream house, keeping the above points in mind because these are some things that people just don’t take care of when hiring an interior designer. The best place where you can get the top-notch interior designers for your home is depanache. Depanache is the best rated interior designer in Bangalore and they promise to deliver top-notch quality work every time.

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