5 Foods that Increase Fertility in Woman

These days infertility in woman is increasing and the major cause of that is our lifestyle and the habit of eating. Woman should eat these food to become fertile.

The feeling of becoming a mother is what every female dreams of, in her life. It is one of the most unexplainable emotions that no one can express in words like joy, happiness, and unconditional love as these are little to none.

But the irony is that some of us unable to convince a child easily because of infertility. Even after unprotected, regular intercourse in the most fertile cycle time for more than a year. If you are the one struggling through sterility and have a feeling that you have tried every single thing possible then this is for you.

What is the meaning of infertility?

Infertility Women

As defined by the World Health Organization infertility is an inability to become pregnant or carry a baby to live birth.

According to the American Pregnancy Association infertility affects an estimated 48 million women worldwide.

What is the cause of infertility in a woman?

There is numerous health problem which is associated with women infertility, some of the most common cause can be ovulation problem, blocked or damaged fallopian tube and problem in the cervix.

Other than the above some of the causes are associated with our day to day lifestyles like

can also contribute to increasing the risk of infertility in a woman.

To overcome all the infertility causes and to become fertile or remain fertile one should abide by practicing eating unhealthy. As the proverb says “what we eat, that we become”. One must follow the diet that improves and push you toward a fertile womb. As the proverb says “what you eat, that you become”.

Dr. Rahul Dutt is the top sexologist in Meerut has made a list of 5 foods that not only increases the chance of getting pregnant but also prevent miscarriages.

So, here is the list of the best 5 food that will increase fertility hormones in a woman.

  1. Brown Rice
  2. Broccoli
  3. Black Beans
  4. Avocado
  5. Olive Oil

1. Brown Rice

Chicken Biryani food

Rich in fiber, vitamins and mineral, brown rice is whole grain i.e. it contains all parts of the seed which constitutes of the fibrous bran, the nutritious germs and rich carb endosperm. It promotes regular ovulation that helps in improving woman’s fertility.

Brown rice has more nutrition values, it is rich in fiber, antioxidants and it has a lot of important vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, white rice contains only essential nutrients.

On top of that, the folic acid present in brown rice is a good amount, which helps in blood production and it also prevents neural tube defects in newborns.

The table below shows a comparison of vitamins and minerals between white & brown rice.

increase fertility

2. Broccoli

Broccoli food

A study done by Fertility and Sterility concludes that the food enriched vitamin C are extremely important for those who are planning to conceive. Broccoli can help in boosting fertility due to the high amount of vitamin C present in it. Broccoli also has Vitamin B, zinc, iron, and calcium which helps woman wants to conceive.

3. Black Beans

Black Beans food

Black beans contain high-fiber that helps in controlling sugar levels in the blood. A study published by the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology said it contains vegetable protein that will make you more fertile. It also has folate, protein, magnesium and iron which is good for women what to get pregnant. Moreover, half-cup of black beans contains around 114 kilocalories.



Avocado is a fruit that has high nutrition properties and also it is widely used in dishes because of its flavor and health benefits. It is also known as a superfood among health-conscious people.

Moreover, it consists of folic acid, monounsaturated fat and good enzymes. The monounsaturated fat present avocado balance the hormones responsible for fertility in a woman.

5.Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil help in improving the insulin of the body and also reduces inflammation which is good for fertility because of the monounsaturated fat present in it.

Studies contribute that olive oil may help to improve semen quality and sperm functionality. Moreover, a diet high in olive oil improves embryonic growth and minimize the risk of miscarriages.

The bottom line

You might think how long it takes to become fertile after including the above diet. The answer is it totally depends on person to person, however you can mark 3 mounts as eggs take three months to mature and you can check improvement in the quality of the egg. Dr. Rahul Dutt of Usma Clinic Delhi that provides the best infertility medication, tells the patient to follow the diet for 3 months but he has also told that lots of women get pregnant before that.

However, there are so many cases in the pasts, where lots of women got pregnant in natural ways. So the key is to believe and follow the diet and hope for the best, as positive vibes always work well.

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