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10 SEO Black Hat Techniques to be Avoided Like Plague

It actually includes a bad search engine optimization practices such as building links from spam sites, creating duplicate content, keyword stuffing etc.

Though it is a disapproved practice it increases the search engine traffic of a site in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Many things in this accord go against the search engine which actually could result in the site being banned from a search engine.

Black hat SEO’s basic code would be to get your website banned from Google.There obviously would be many short term results through increased traffic to your site if you implement black hat SEO techniques but Google penalizes heavily which impacts heavily on your website.

The mains sites that the Search engines target would be those which follows black hat SEO and remove those sites that use these techniques because their aim is to provide the most effective and efficient content to searchers for a given search query. During the calculation of site algorithm if they catch your website then your site will be penalized and will be unable to recover too.

If your content is really great and useful to the users then you should avoid black hat SEO techniques anyway. To safeguard your website from getting banned and penalized by the search engines, just make sure that you avoid these black hat SEO techniques if you want more search traffic and website sales.

Elimination of low content quality

With the assistance and guidance of Google’s updated algorithm, you can analyze anytime the content quality of your website. In earlier days only links and keywords are the important metrics but now, your content quality matters a lot.

The quality of content is below than the average level then in your site then there are pretty chances that it hurts your search ranking. By analyzing and solving the low content quality in your site you can boost your ranking and can bring your site back in the search engine list. On the occurrence of many pages in your site you can manually check and analyze the content takes plenty of time. Luckily there are many tools to perform this task too

Screaming Frog

The first and foremost thing is to get all the content of your site. By clicking the configuration and spider under the screaming frog, you can easily achieve this. Just make sure that every box is unchecked. Now by clicking and checking the “crawl all subdomains” you will get every page on your site. Once all the options have been set up by you, you will get the URL in “URL to spider” at the top after which you can enter the start button

After this event of crawling, you will be shown tons of data that which are organized and are completely based on the URL of each individual page after which you can start auditing.

Screaming Frog seo

Ignore Keyword Stuffing

The Right SEO firm to get the search rankings in SERP would use what most of the people would use, which may be the method of keyword stuffing which is nothing but filling keywords in the content. It was easily accepted earlier as there were not many websites but so is not the case anymore. It is mainly used to avoid link exchanges.

The use of backlinks is extreme to the SEO but these are not highly recommended if you really wish to get high domain authority and rankings in search engine results. Generally, such links exchange the programs that are the easiest way to drive massive traffic but wait, this works only for a short span of time.

There are even possibilities of losing your reputation in Google. Add exchange links only if you completely know the quality of your content and web page. Such link exchange programs are avoided by most of the successful bloggers and it is really a proven statement.

The main concentration would be on the content writing and the quality of your website. Hence the easiest and quickest way to get the relevant links would be to write great and unique content. If the contents provided by you are highly useful; then maybe another blogger will go through the link and consider it too.

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Eliminate Article Spinning

Building a huge number of backlinks through article marketing has become a famous thing. Yet usage of automatic article spinning software would be a technique of black hat SEO.  If you do not take immediate care of it, it may even seriously hurt your website’s search rankings along with your page rank.

Exclude Doorway Pages

Such pages are of really low quality and are used solely for the purpose of optimizing and generating the keywords. They do not contribute much towards the growth of SEO and also do not provide value to your readers. 

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