10 Must Visit Places In Texas

Texas in summer has been a famous vacation spot for the visitors. It includes a range of activities, attraction places, and tours. It’s too large that you don’t need to find any other place to visit outside the Texas state. The miles and miles of shorelines give a pretty much stunning environment. The beaches along with the sun rays bring you in pleasant weather. And don’t forget to see some historical, cultural and educational sites in Texas. Here are the places to have a luxury Texas vacation with your friends and family.

10 Must Visit Places In Texas

  1. Corpus Christi
  2. Concan
  3. Galveston
  4. New Braunfels
  5. Austin
  6. San Antonio
  7. Big Bend National Park
  8. South Padre Island
  9. Amarillo
  10. Fredericksburg

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi travel

A fine spot of Gulf coast beaches on a driving distance – makes a great summer vacation place to visit. Corpus has interesting State Aquarium of Texas where you can see the dolphins and other marine species.

It’s also known as home of dolphin in the state. To see the local flora, South Texas Botanical Garden and Nature Center is at Corpus. 

If you’ve an interest in history, make sure to see the USS Lexington docked in Corpus that was the Navy aircraft carrier used in World War II by the United States.


Concan travel

Towards southwest of Texas resides the paradise on earth, Frio River. What a place to visit! Its just addition to Texas luxury vacation spot. Through a lush Texas greenery, the river is a clean crystal clear and spring field river.

Take a cabin at Garner State Park and spend your holidays in front of Frio, which never bore. The horse riding, hunting, golf and dancing is commonly done by the tourists visiting Concan.


Galveston travel

A 30 minute drive from South Houston is a historic city, Galveston. The city has a river along Gulf of Mexico.

Take a pedal carriage ride parallel to the seawall or do shopping and dining at The Strand. There you’ve IMAX theatre and rainforest garden at Moody Garden for educational activities.

Historical places at Galveston includes Bishop’s Palace or the Moody Mansion. Don’t forget to see a glimpse of Corpse flower.

New Braunfels

New Braunfels travel

Greenery and flowing river surrounds the gorgeous New Braunfels. The largest water park of United States Schlitterbahn is home to this place.

Nature lovers have got a surprise in New Braunfels, the tubing excursion on the Gaudalupe or Comal River. Following floating, you can have German meals at Oma’s Haus in town.

It has cabin for rent on the river coastline. Amazingly, Schlitterbahn portion pass through a segment of the river, giving a more natural appearance to the water park. Gruene is the historic site to visit nearby during your trip to New Braunfels. 


Austin travel

Texas capital also has the charisma to entertain the tourists for summer vacation. The city has many lakes. Lake Travis has fishing and boating. You must visit Barton Springs Pool that maintains 68 degrees a year round temperature. Enough of lake, Austin is famous for Live Music Capital of the World, hosts shows and concert around the world. 

For testing stamina, let’s hike at Austin Sculpture Falls located on the greenbelt of Mopac. Sports lover will not be bored, catch a baseball game at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock. 

San Antonio

San Antonio travel

The epicenter of culture in Texas within astounding tourist destination. To stay busy, you can enjoy different hotels, restaurants and nightlife while walking along with river.

A historical place includes Alamo where the battleground for independent Texas was staged, just a walk away from Riverwalk. Enjoy in a theme park, Six Flags Fiesta to sit in roller coaster. San Antonio has phenomenal zoo for tourism. Of course Houston Street has several bars to wine and dine. 

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park travel

There’s a solution to brutal summertime. The hiking along with Rio Grande water makes the trip interesting. The geo positioning of Guadalupe and Davis mountains in the national park adds cherry on the top in the National Park. 

South Padre Island

The extreme southern point in Texas is the bluest and stunning. The island has the gorgeous beaches to watch dolphin, do fishing for the meal to eat.

Spend the vacation jet skiing and sunbathing on the coast. The most significant beach in the Lone Star State. The sandy shore is also home to Schlitterbahn waterpark. 


Adequate of discovery in Southern Texas – let’s explore on the North of Texas. Gives a historic buffs viewing old Route 66. Amarillo has outside attraction such as Palo Duro, Canyon State Park and Cadillac Ranch that’s worthy to visit.

This place hasn’t been aha moment from tourists but it’s a must visit place. 


This place has gain a popularity over the past decade. The shopping, wine and flower lover can spend great time here in Fredericksburg.

However, this place should be visited in spring months to see the wildflower in the Willow City Loop. One of the famous park in Texas resides at this place. Climber and hiker can visit Rock State Natural Area. 

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