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The 5 Vital SEO Facts Every Business Owner Must Know

Nearly all business owners know exactly how important is search engine optimization (SEO).

The modern-day business owners are aware of search engine optimization (SEO), which could be defined as the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic by enhancing the online visibility of a website or webpage. 

Apart from better user experience, when implemented with caution, it can escalate conversion rate, promote proper cost management, establish brand awareness, and incorporate other marketing activities available. The following write-up deals with five vital SEO facts that nearly no one knew. Please check them out right away.

  1. All Search Engines Do Not Consider Links As A Ranking Determinant
  2. Highest Ranking Position Has Most Facebook Activity
  3. Rich Snippets Cannot Direct Impact Ranks
  4. Page Speed Matters
  5. Google Has Evaluators For Understanding Result Quality

1. All Search Engines Do Not Consider Links as a Ranking Determinant

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Many search engines do not believe links to be a factor for determining ranks. According to the latest studies, Google might remove links from its algorithm in the future, and at present, it pays more attention towards facts. This means reliability of domains can escalate site rankings to a great extent. Another noted search engine of Russia, Yandex no longer considers links as a ranking determinant.

2. Highest Ranking Position has Most Facebook Activity

The top-notch professionals offering quality web design services Cape Town for a reasonable price said there is a lot of debate going on whether or not likes, comments, and shares influence SEO.

Researches have quite successfully shown that a substantial presence on Facebook is intrinsically related to top ranks on the search engine result pages (SERPs). When compared with other social media platforms, it is once again manifested that Facebook affects Google rankings more. 

3. Rich Snippets Cannot Direct Impact Ranks

Rich snippets were introduced in the year 2009, and provide a preview of the site on the search results. The question now is do they impact site rankings directly. Not really. Rich snippets are known for including additional data, but Google has clearly specified that they do not influence ranks in any way. That being said, rich snippets do help a site to become indexable or show data relevant for the readers. 

4. Page Speed Matters

Site speed shows how quickly a particular website responds to the diverse requests made. A webpage that loads within three to five seconds contributes to user experience. When a webpage is slow, viewers make sure never to return. Starting from reducing redirects to minifying JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, there are many ways by which one can compel a site to function faster.   

5. Google has Evaluators for Understanding Result Quality

The renowned providers offering SEO services in Cape Town along with other noted locations said Google depends on a wide range of algorithms for ranking a website. No matter how astonishing it sounds, but Google did hire people who carry out approximately 40,000 precise evaluations every day to understand the quality of each webpage.

Google utilizes search evaluators in different languages and beyond geographical boundaries. This means Google wishes to understand blogs and articles written in languages other than English.  

Apart from the facts stated above, business owners must also need to understand that SEO cannot generate desirable outcome magically. It is not just about earning links from authentic sources or allowing a site to gain top rank for specific keyword queries. 

On looking at the bigger picture, one will realize that there are millions of websites that wish to appear on the foremost pages of search engines, and all of them are using standard services. A good SEO campaign never assures success but simplifies the journey towards achieving it. 

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