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3 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Used BMW

So finally you’ve decided to get a used BMW? Great choice! Since you are up for buying a used BMW, it’s already going to save you a ton of money. When you go to the dealership or the private seller, it’s essential to inspect the Car BMW Buying Guide thoroughly. Here are a couple of things to look for just to make sure that you’re getting the best deal and you’re going to get a good reliable car. So let’s dive in:

Service Settings

Don’t forget to check out the built-in service settings.

used bmw buying guide

It shows like when the brakes need to be done when the oil needs to be changed and things like that. You can go through that menu and just look at what’s been done, what needs to be done and what’s coming up with regards to maintenance and etc. Obviously, any dishonest dealership can go through and reset all those before you coming.

So just make sure you don’t use that as your only baseline for how the car’s been maintained. It’s just another thing that you can look at and when you’re trying to decide on what car to get.

So the access the service menu is the top stock on the left of the steering wheel just press it down twice to get into “Service Info”. Then use the button named as “BC” to scroll through and see all the different settings.


Buying A Used BMW

It’s the very first thing you need to look for. Don’t bother looking under the car because BMW’s have this plastic cover on the bottom for aerodynamics. It helps keep the engine clean in fact. But here’s what you need to be very careful about while inspecting.

When something’s leaking whether its coolant and washer fluid, it all pulls up inside that cover and you might not even see leaking under the ground at all. In that case, just open up the hood to see if there’s any leaked fluid set on the driver side near where the fog lid is. You can use the flashlight look down in there and see if you find any fluids pulling up.

Test Thoroughly

buying a used bmw 5 series

This one might sound quite obvious, but it’s worth considering. It’s something that you do with any car but is especially true on a car like this where the maintenance and parts are expensive. Just thoroughly walk around the car and make sure that everything works like headlights, brake lights, turn signals and press all the buttons inside the interior. Make sure that the heat and other systems work perfectly alright.

For sure you don’t want to get stuck with issues like fan blowing heat and air conditioning not working properly. In that case, you might end up visiting the BMW Service Dubai and spend a considerable amount to get it fixed.

To buy a used BMW, you already spent a tremendous amount of money. So just check thoroughly if everything is working. Otherwise, you might end up paying plenty for fixtures.


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