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Trending Memes are the Ecstasy of Enterainment World

When it comes to consuming entertainment, what is your go to option?

Is it articles, videos or memes? I know, each of you has a different perspective and outlook towards entertainment consumption, but still what is it?

I bet, for most of you, it will be memes. You must be wondering, how I am so sure about it. But after reading the reason behind my answer, you will agree, that this is very logical.

Why are Trending Memes in Demand?

Trending girl Memes
awesome trending meme
Let me begin by telling you how widespread is the reach of popular memes. Any meme that gets generated has to fight its way through millions of memes, to become the trending one. But once it reaches the top, it becomes like a drug everyone wants to get their hands on.

Though memes aren’t something that you can taste, but it creates a similar urge to be a part of the trending memes cult. You can even say that it is similar to what Apple users have for its high-end expensive products.

Just like Applets’ don’t compromise when it comes to getting the right phone, similarly, people who religiously follow the meme cult, don’t bother reading articles or watching any video that talks about the current news.

For them, the world is seen through a meme filter.

The fan -Base of Memes

cat Memes

cat memese funny
The number of people who follow the meme culture is in billions now. Thanks to the meme creators, though. They keep ensuring that they make memes on everything. Be it related to government, or a movie, a conference or the latest news, these guys don’t leave any content behind.

This helps the followers to opt out all the other sources of entertainment and consume every news through memes. Moreover, if you think about it, memes are straightforward.

Instead of beating around the bush, it straight away gets to the point and speaks out the fact.

The Donald Trump Meme

Donald Trump meme

Some of the new memes 2018 revolved around Donald Trump and he went to become a world-wide joke sensation. Even google fell for it and started considering Trump as the first person to be fitted with the adjective idiot.

Nothing else can be a bigger proof that the meme culture has already embedded its roots deep down in the world of entertainment and has become the go to source for most of the readers.

In Conclusion:

No wonder there is a long list of different genre of memes now. Because unlike before, memes can be made on any topic. People haven’t left out any genre or field, on which they can’t make a meme. Chances are, that you will find a meme on anything you type. Maybe you won’t find an article on it, but meme-Oh yes.

Having said that, I believe memes are compact and the best form of consuming any hilarious content. The exaggerated feelings and the dank content of memes just makes it more entertaining than a video or an article and hence, it has become the ecstasy of entertainment world.

Now tell me, do you agree?

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