5 Benefits of Marriage for Your Heart and Health

Although 45% of today’s marriages end in divorce, that does not mean that it does not enjoy benefits for those who decide to carry it out. Today we…

Although 45% of today’s marriages end in divorce, that does not mean that it does not enjoy benefits for those who decide to carry it out. Today we talk more about relationship problems and difficulties that couples face than the advantages and benefits of living within the state of marriage. For that reason, I want to list some of those benefits.

One thing is always safe: weddings brighten the heart. Admire the details of the wedding dress, dance, live with family and friends, eat wedding cake and enjoy the decoration are some of the pleasures that make the heart beat a thousand times per hour. Not to mention throwing or catching the natural bridal bouquet and the league. But the wedding is the beginning of a story full of love and, believe it or not, health, because, according to science, married people enjoy a higher quality of life.

The researchers analyzed the medical histories of 25,000 patients who had suffered a heart attack and found that, if the person was married, they had a 14% greater chance of surviving and being discharged two days before the unmarried.

The work, which was presented at the Conference of the British Cardiovascular Society held in Manchester a few months ago, is not the only essay that brings out the benefits of marriage. It seems that married people also:

  • Less risk of heart attack and heart damage

  • Early detection of cardiovascular diseases

  • Faster recovery of diseases

  • Marriages often lead healthier lives

Do not panic among singles either! Neither marriage is a vaccine for all diseases nor is singleness the beginning of all evils. Discover in this article the main advantages that being married brings to the heart, according to the statistics of several institutions recognized worldwide by the scientific community.

1. Less Risk of Heart Attack and Heart Damage

Recently, Heart, the digital publication of the British Cardiovascular Society, has released a study that shows that married people are less at risk of heart attacks, injuries and cardiovascular diseases. According to the revealed data, 80% of the risk of suffering damage to the heart is related to entirely physical factors, such as genetics, diseases, and blood pressure.

But there is a 20% risk that lies in personal relationships. In this sense, the study reveals that married people have a 42% lower risk of suffering heart damage and 45% less chance of suffering a heart attack. They also have less chance of dying due to these conditions. Also, according to that same research, there is a lower incidence of death from heart attacks among married people.

2. Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases

Studies say that the reason why married and married suffer less heart disease is that coexistence makes it easier to identify signs and symptoms of conditions, as well as prevent accidents. Couples, for example, can be crucial in helping to detect sleep disorders that can lead to a heart attack.

Also, according to statistics, married couples have a greater chance of surviving diagnoses of cancer, operations, and chronic diseases. It has also been found that the majority of married people are hospitalized less frequently and, statistically, they spend at least two days less in hospitals.

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3. Faster Recovery of Diseases

According to studies of the European Health Society, strong couples and married couples tend to have greater economic stability that allows them to follow the treatments better. Also, their effective bond allows them to recover beforehand. Generally, they follow better the steps of the recovery after suffering, take their medicines on time and attend their medical appointments on time, thanks to the support of their partner.

4. Marriages Often Lead to Healthier Lives

According to doctors who have studied the links between marriage and cardiovascular health, married couples are more likely to be healthy and maybe longer-lived thanks to the habits they adopt together and can sustain longer. Also, it has been shown that affection correspondence reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diseases such as diabetes.

Some of the healthy habits are, for example, exercising, adopting healthy diets, quitting smoking or drinking excessively and taking your health more seriously, which also decreases stress. And you, which of these new habits will you incorporate into your day today? Take a break in the search for the phrases for wedding invitations, the menu and the musical selection that will happen to the DJ and program how to take care of their health in this new stage of their lives.

5. A Good Relationship is Good for Blood Pressure

People with bad marriages develop problems in blood pressure and an increase in body mass in a percentage significantly higher than the incidence that occurs among people with happy marriages. This, according to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, a specialized journal of the British Medical Association. According to this same study, happily married people have a longer life expectancy and suffer less physical pain.

On the other hand, bad marriages can lead to depression and stress, factors that influence bad blood pressure and, therefore, to cardiovascular diseases. In fact, according to studies at the University of Pittsburgh, in the United States, high blood pressure can swell the carotid arteries, which are the blood to the brain.

To benefit your health, organize a folder with your most important medical information. In it, you can also save letters with short thoughts of love, advice and all those ideas that inspire them and motivate them always to relive their best moments.

You are convinced that marriage is good for the heart? Start your journey towards a healthy life by sharing with your loved ones the best of the best and a party of love and health. Look for fruit arrangements for your wedding centerpieces, offer a healthy menu and balance the calories of the wedding candy table with light bites. It will be an unforgettable celebration!

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