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3 Easy Questions to Master to Ace Med School Interview

So you have passed the test of a Med School Interview and now just one step away from a seat in your dream institution. But hey, are you aware of what you are about to face? While it is no match with a job interview, which can be really grueling, there are certainly many aspects that can be troubling for a student and he may not have a clue about the interviewer are asking.

In this blog, I will try to feature some common questions and how to perfect them that you need to answer so that you can pass an interview with ease. This is a general blog that will offer students applying for a prestigious medical university in the US or Canada offering multiple career options or for a Caribbean medical school offering just a medical degree.

  1. Why do You Want to Study Medicine?

Study Medicine

While it looks like a simple enough question, there are many facets in it that can be termed as really important for your eventual selection. If you will simply answer that I want to become a physician or help poor people in need, you will either be cross-questioned or will be termed as a naïve student. So make up a good answer for this question and think about what related questions you may be asked like why only medicine as you can go for surgery which yields a higher amount of salary.

  1. Why our Particular Med School Interview?
    Med School Interview

Another one of those questions for which you have to give a calculated answer. No diplomatic or cheesy lines please because the interviewing panel is usually fed up of listening all these over the years. You need to do an extensive research for coming up with a good answer if not the perfect. Think about what facilities do they offer which not many Med School Interview don’t have on their campus. A facility like a scholarship even in the final year can be a good one so that you can satisfy them as Med School Interview really like a student coming to an interview after doing comprehensive research about them.

  1. Your Best Qualities (and the worst)

Best Qualities

You need to come up with a precise answer to this question as don’t think of it as a speech opportunity for you. Be to the point in explaining what are the traits for which the interviewing can offer you a seat over all the other students. Your impeccable academic records will obviously speak for them to make them even prettier in the eyes of the person grilling you in the interview.

Tell him that you have been an outstanding student throughout your high Med School Interview and especially love the subjects of Zoology and Chemistry, two vital subjects that you will study the medicine. I bet you will get a positive response from the interviewing panel. The tricky part is describing the worst ones as anything you say about yourself can be used against you. So think hard and come up with one or two qualities that will not hurt you a lot like sleeping a lot on Sundays.

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