5 Types of Sherwani To Help Men To Rock Their D-Day Look

It's finally your big day and it’s time for you to flaunt your wedding goals by putting your best dressed self forward. The modern groom should proudly pave his way and leave an impression on everybody while entering the wedding venue to steal the attention for the rest of the day. Before going to your wedding in reality, visualize the dream setup including color, pattern, design of your sherwani and whether it matches with your bride and so on since every detail counts. If you find it difficult to decide on exactly what type of sherwani you wish to wear, this blog has covered you!

Here are 5 types of sherwani for men to choose the best wedding outfit:

  1. Angrakha sherwani 

Fashion experts these days have an opinion that the Angrakha Sherwani holds an element that provides a mystical aura which other garments or accessories fail to provide. This Sherwani covers almost everything right from collars, neckline, cuffs, and even the mirror work. They provide a royal look to the attire. Grooms who have a toned upper body opt for this sherwani as it goes perfect with their physique. You don't necessarily have to worry about finding the right bottom for your angrakha sherwani, because almost all bottom wears work perfectly with this sherwani. Don't go overboard but match it up with accessories for a bit of elegance and style.

  1. Jodhpuri sherwanis

Jodhpuri sherwanis truly have a royal aura. The vibrancy and refined look of the sherwani which is imparted by the Jodhpuri styles have made it a favorite attire for almost every man’s wedding bag. It is often crafted by experienced designers to get the best out of the look. You can adorn a Jodhpuri sherwani with an embellished turban and a pair of royal shoes. The most opted shades are royal blue, cream, and other colors with prints. 

  1. Achkan sherwanis

To look your best and to adorn with the finest that fashion has to offer, Achkan style sherwanis are what you must opt for. Achkan designs are always a style that stays near to the fashion world. Thus, achkan sherwanis have become an attire that no man could resist wearing during a wedding. They can be paired up with a waistcoat, dhotis, shoes to build a splendid fashion statement. 

  1. Indo western sherwanis 

These sherwanis are modern with an Indian appeal. If you are someone who doesn’t like to stick to the intricate traditional thread work, you can simply opt for the Indo western sherwanis as they are adorned with a touch of modernity. Grooms prefer to wear Indo western sherwanis as they have a plethora of variety and are bestowed with buttons, gems, cuffs,  stones, beads,  and royal styled motifs. Usually, these sherwanis look best in contrast color combinations like blue and white, red and cream, and so on.

  1. Printed sherwanis

Printed sherwanis are trending a lot amongst the grooms these days. They have various pattern, color and design options which can suit any man. Example, floral prints, block prints and so on. Team up with your printed sherwanis , solid bottoms and perfect accessories for the best look. The print patterns also look good on a kurta pajama.

Sherwani for wedding

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