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5 Ways to Give your Website a Look Equally Lovable by Visitors & Search Engines

A company’s core objective is revenue generation. It seeks for the business solutions to ensure a continuous increase in potential leads, sales and accelerating return on investments. The long-term strategic growth potential is necessary to build your business empire that the world has never experienced Search Engines before. For this, you need to bring contemporary digital solutions into play – empowered with proactively envisioned website design and development.

Whether you are creating a new business site, or want to revamp the existing one, you need a design that leaves visitors spellbound and Search Engines crawlers hooked to rank it high – outranking the competitors. But, you are clueless about from where to take your first flight. Consult a perfect agency for web design in Austin, TX to create an attention-grabbing website for your business growth and development.

The Art of Making Visitors and Google Love Your Website:


New or old, your website needs continuous overhauling. We bring you some ways using which you can attract people’s notice for your business website.

  1. Fast and Responsive Search Engines:

Making Visitors

People don’t like the websites that function with sloth speed. It’s a horrible experience that pushes them to abandon the web pages that take too long to load. Create a design that helps to speed up the site’s loading time – it should load within 2-3 seconds. Or else, you will lose a significant share of potential customers. For this, you can check loading speed on Google page insight tool. Simple frameworks, light imagery, and well-aligned content makes a website more responsive and hence decreases the bounce rate – increased speed allow visitors to stay longer on your site.

  1. Trendy and Legible:

Trendy and Legible

Style captivates the viewer’s attention. The overall impression of your website should appear stylish that relates to people’s emotions and aesthetics. Make sure you are using right color palettes, hues, and variations that add value to your website’s overall look. For example, a neutral color perfectly balances a bright color.

Likewise, fonts should be readable and complement all other design elements – text, images, call-to-action buttons, and social media widgets, etc. For example, the majority of sites use easy-to-read Serif font compared to Times New Roman or Comic Sans.

  1. Eye Soothing Visuals:

Be clear on what you want to show to the target audience. Although it all depends on your choice, whatever you do keep in mind that it should go easy on the viewers’ eyes. Say no to small, unreadable and indistinct fonts, sharp and unpleasant colors, and poorly spaced images and texts.

Create a pleasurable experience through well-used white spacing in your design. Everything should make reading more comfortable for the site users – visuals should leave a soothing impact on readers’ eyes.

  1. Clear and Focused:

Keep every vital message right in front of the site visitors. For this, you need to stay clear about your business mission and vision. As people get the right information they look for will remain on your site and are more likely to take action.

You can cover as many business aspects and interests as you want but don’t overlook the factor of usefulness. All products and services better relate to each other and should target a specific group of people. Don’t lose the focus and clearly define your preferences.

  1. Easy-to-Navigate:

Take advantage of minimal navigation. Don’t place every single page under the navigation tree. Instead, add only the most critical pages therein and then direct the visitors to other pages.

Minimal design delivers best-in-class navigation that increases the chances of leads and sales – increased ROI.

The Verdict:

A well-polished website is mandatory to promote a well-defined brand image. So, make your site valuable in all aspects – follow the tips mentioned above and you will observe a fantastic change in your visitors’ behavior and search engines preferences. The two will start loving your site like never before which is essential for increased web traffic and improved rankings and amplified revenue generation.

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