Mehandi Designs

Beautiful Mehandi Designs for Women to Flaunt on Various Occasions

Indian weddings are renowned across the world for their vivaciousness, magnificence, and cultural significance. There are numerous ceremonies involved in a typical Indian wedding and each wedding ceremony has its own importance. Among all the wedding ceremonies, a Mehandi ceremony is the hot-favorite of women because it renders them the opportunity to come together and celebrate the occasion to the fullest while applying awesome Mehandi on their hands.

Mehandi designs are intriguing but at the same time daunting to draw. Either you can choose to hire a professional Mehandi artist who can draw spectacular Mehandi designs or you can draw the beautiful Mehandi design on your own which we have compiled for you below.

  1. Bracelet Mehandi Designs

This latest, simple, and easy to draw Mehandi design is extremely popular among the ladies. The best part of bracelet Mehandi designs is it could be drawn on any occasion and there is no dearth of elegant Mehandi designs in this category.

Bracelet Mehandi Designs

  1. Traditional Mehandi Designs

Traditional Mehandi designs are one of the most sought-after Mehandi designs among women. There is an array of simple and entrancing traditional Mehandi designs like floral, Mandal, geometry, and motifs that cover the entire hand and feet without leaving any space. Traditional Mehandi designs look enchanting and royal. You can easily try it yourself.

  1. Ring Mehandi Designs

Out of all the Mehandi designs, this one is the simplest to draw. Ring Mehandi designs have won numerous hearts as these designs are very elaborative and comprise fantastic traditional and contemporary variations that are massively popular till date.

Ring Mehndi Designs

  1. Peacock and Floral Mehandi Designs

Among the present day, Mehandi designs, floral and peacock Mehandi designs are perfect for bride and bridesmaids who are going to attend the various wedding ceremonies. Peacock and floral designs have become a quintessential part of the Mehandi ceremonies as they are simple, easy to draw, and super gorgeous. Check out our collection of captivating Mehandi designs below.

  1. Moroccan Mehandi Designs

If you are sick and tired of same old floral, chakra, and traditional Mehandi designs, we bring something breathtaking for you i.e Moroccan Mehandi designs. A Moroccan Mehandi design is the perfect blend of tribal and geometric designs which make them look enigmatic and beautiful at the same time. The diamonds, triangles, right angles, and other geometric elements are the integral patterns in these Mehandi designs.

Moroccan Mehandi Designs

  1. Arabic Mehandi Designs

Here comes the Mehandi design which is sassy, classy and talk of the town. Most of the Arabic Mehandi designs cover full hands and renders elegance to your overall appearance. Those who have a strong aversion for full hand Arabic Mehandi designs; there are also simple and elegant options available to choose from.

Arabic Mehandi Designs

  1. Classic Bridal Mehandi Designs

This type of Mehandi design never goes out of fashion. Bridal Mehandi designs add X-factor to the overall beauty of a bride and make her look more ravishing. Classic Mehandi designs cover both back and the front side of the hand.

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