6 Popular Festivals and Fairs of Shimla

If you want to explore the natural and cultural beauty of Shimla, the best way to do this is through its fairs and festivals.

Shimla is a beautiful hill station in the Himalayas and the capital city of the state of Himachal Pradesh. This city has a huge colonial history as it was used as the summer capital of India during the British Raj. Shimla’s culture, though cosmopolitan, also has deep roots in the Indian culture. There are many folk festivals and cultural fairs in the city. From religious festivals to fairs celebrating the arts, crafts, and jewelry of Shimla are all organized every year. Every festival has its unique identity and a following as many types of people attend different types of fairs in Shimla. Shimla is visited by many tourists every year and attending Shimla’s fair is a great way for tourists to see the culture of the city. There are many popular fairs in Shimla and the following are some of the top fairs in the city:

Popular Fairs of Shimla

Bharara Fair

  • This fair is held every year around 1st May in honor of Lord Koteshwar. This God is worshipped locally by many people of different castes and creeds in the Shimla region. Many people visit the festival to seek the blessings of their Lord during this festival.
  • This is an ancient festival in Shimla that has been held annually for a very long time. There is a procession that takes place during the fair where people dress up in traditional colorful and vibrant garments and participate in the procession of Lord Koteshwar.
  • The idol of the Lord is also dressed in vibrant clothing and appropriate jewelry. This fair is filled with customs, traditions and displays the Hindu culture of Shimla to not just locals but also tourists visiting the city.
  • This fair includes the famous Nati dance and many fun rides for children. It also has many small kiosks prop up selling local souvenirs, arts and crafts at the fair.

Shimla travel Bharara Fair

Bhoj Fair

  • In the Grumman Village in Shimla, there is a three day fair in honor of Lord Bansor, Lord Parshuram, and Lord Kilbaru. Devotees from all over Himachal Pradesh visit the village and wear colorful garment and jewelry for the special occasion.
  • Devotees offer prayers at the fair and there is a procession which is part of this fair in honor of the Lord worshipped at the fair. The Nati Dance which is popular in the region is held at this fair and people join in with the dancers to enjoy this famous dance of the region.
  • This festival is held every year in November in honor of the Kul Devta, Lord Bansor. There are many fun rides for the children at the fair and it is a great way to spend family time in Shimla visiting this fair.

Shimla travel Bhoj Fair

Rohru Fair

  • Another popular fair in Shimla is the Rohru Fair. This is a state level fair that is held every year in honor of the local deity Devta Shikru Ji Maharaj. The fair begins with a procession of devotees in honor of their Lord.
  • It is also one of the famous tourist places in Shimla in the month of April.
  • This is a day and night cultural event and usually lasts for three days. This is a springtime festival in Shimla and usually takes place in the month of April every year. This fair lasts for three days and it is a lot of fun to visit this fair for locals as well as tourists.
  • There are sporting events at this fair and the students of local school participate in many cultural events at the fair. There are many popular exhibitions and this is a relatively ancient fair that is taking place for a long time in this region.

Lavi Fair

  • Lavi Fair is held every year around November and is a popular fair in the state. The fair is traditionally held every year on the 25th day of the Kartika month as per the Hindu calendar. This fair took place since ancient times and celebrated the trading relationship between this region which in those times was Bushahr State and Tibet.
  • This is a great fair to shop for regional and Tibetan merchandise. Dry fruits, woolen goods, pashminas, and many tribal products are sold at the fair. Tribals particularly enjoy this fair and participate in the fair selling traditional items and merchandise.
  • This is a three-day festival and during the day, traders from all nearby areas sell items at the fair. At night there are special folk dances and music is organized and many times bonfires are lit for people to enjoy this fair.

Shimla travel Lavi Fair

Sipi Fair

  • In Mashobra, which is a suburb of Shimla, the Sipi Fair is organized at every year. Seep, a local deity of the region is honored at this fair and hence the fair is called the Sipi Fair.
  • This fair takes place in the Jaishtha month of the Hindu calendar. The Rana of Koti in ancient times used to attend this fair as it is a very old and significant fair of the region.
  • There are many variety programs, cultural events and this fair is famous for the archery games that are held at the fair. There is a lot of entertainment at this fair including jugglers, acrobats, and even magicians.

Mahasu Jatar

  • Mahasu Jatar takes place on the Shimla- Kotkhai road a few kilometers from Shimla. This fair takes place in the Mahasu village on the 3rd Tuesday of the Baisakhi month which is around May.
  • The fair is usually set up in front of the Durga Devi Temple in the village and there is a lot of entertainment for visitors of this fair.
  • The Nati dance which the region is famous for is held at this fair and many folk songs and dances are performed at these fairs. Archery games are also very popular at these fairs as archery is a popular pastime in Shimla and nearby areas.

As mentioned above, there are many different types of fairs in Shimla that are very popular with locals and tourists. Devotees and locals enjoy these fairs and it is a great way to experience the culture and diversity of the region.

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