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Essay writing is often considered a difficult job among students. Most of the students try to avoid it as much as they can. Because they find the task boring and painstaking. Such students don’t know where to begin their essay, and they end up being overstressed about it. Ever wonder how some professional essay writer end up writing the best essays and students prefer hiring them instead of writing themselves. In this blog, I will tell you some of the tricks that are used by professional essay writers. Below are some useful tips which can help you as well in writing your essays.

Don’t be Overstressed

Ok so first thing first. When your teacher assigns you an essay for homework, the first thing most of you do is you get overstressed about it. This is because you find it boring and you are clueless where to start it. This is the most common thing most of the students do to themselves. They get anxiety attacks most of the time. So the first thing is JUST RELAX. Take a deep breath. Find yourself a peaceful place. That place can be your room, your garden, a café or any park near you. Go there. Inhale and exhale and calm down your mind.

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Once you have relaxed your mind, you can start working on the essay. Remember, you cannot write a perfect essay in one go. You have to make a rough sketch first. In this step keep writing whatever is coming in your mind. It can be a vocabulary word related to the essay; it can be a sentence or any related thing. Just keep writing them. Only a cheap essay writing service can give proper time to brainstorming because it helps them to collect their scattered ideas. So you are also supposed to do the same thing. At the end of this step, you will have enough points to start with.

Develop a Thesis Statement: 

Now that you have an outline of your essay the next step is to develop a thesis statement. The purpose of this statement is to tell your readers what your essay is all about. Just go through your outline to create a catchy and brief thesis statement. It should state the topic and main argument of your essay. The whole response of the essay should lie in this single sentence. While writing the body and conclusion make sure to refer to your thesis statement several times.

Write the Introduction: 

Once your thesis statement is made, start writing your introduction. Remember the introduction is important to catch the reader’s attention and to keep his interest in your essay. Let’s be real here. I don’t read something I find boring. So that means you don’t want to lose your audience in the first go.

To avoid that, make your introduction part interesting. Write the introduction with a hook, narrate any relevant story, write dialogue or ask a question. But remember it should be related to the thesis statement and make sense. Just be funny, be mysterious by asking a question and be interesting. Don’t forget to stick to your thesis statement while you do that.

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Main Body of the Essay: 

The main body comes right after your introduction. It should include supporting details in the form of examples and facts. This provides a strong basis for your essay. It will help to convince the readers about your strong hold on your essay. Normally the main body consists of three to four paragraphs. Each paragraph is concluded by a sentence that will further summarize the point you made in the paragraph. The next paragraph should be linked and continuation of the above paragraph.


The conclusion is the summary of the entire essay. So make sure you end your essay on a happy note and summarize it in such a way that it makes sense and should be relatable to the rest of the essay. Begin this paragraph by restating the main ideas of the body paragraphs. The conclusion paragraph can be either any future prediction or to make the reader curious about the topic you can even ask a question and end your essay. In either way, it should be a happy ending, and your reader should be impressed the way you ended your essay.


Now you are done with your writing. Just remember that this cannot be the perfect version of your essay. There must be mistakes in sentence structure, grammatical mistakes, and vocabulary. So after completion., read it loudly to yourself. This way you will come across further mistakes, and you can edit them. Proofreading is a must. Do not submit your essay without proofreading it otherwise; you will lose marks.

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Ask a Friend to Edit Your Essay:

It happens that even after proofreading and editing your essay you will not be satisfied with it and there will be some errors. In such situations ask your friends or any third party to proofread and edit it for you. Sometimes the mistakes that you neglected can be highlighted by your friend. In that case, it can be of great help if you ask your friend or sibling to edit it for you. Most essay writers ask another person to check the quality of their work in order to avoid any silly mistake.

All the tricks mentioned above which are used by experienced essay writers can also help you to develop an effective essay. So next time when your teacher gives you any essay writing task remember, DO NOT PANIC. Although it’s a hard nut to crack but with practice, you will nail it. Nothing is easy and perfect in the first attempt; you have to take baby steps towards the path of perfection. It’s exhaustive and difficult but trust me you will reach there by hard work and practice. Now tell me did you find these tips helpful? Are you going to apply them to your essay writing practices? Or to make things easier you will hire an essay writer?

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