6 Tips to Enhance Digital Customer Experience

Creating a great customer experience is essential to increasing sales and keeping ahead of the competition in the digital world.

Customers do not have the same perception of digital channels as you have. As part of their total customer experience (CX), they seamlessly transition from one digital channel to the next. They don't differentiate between online and offline anymore. 


To increase digital customer experiences and improve CX, you must design customized experiences that resonate across your digital channels. This is referred to as an omnichannel strategy. 


According to research, firms with the best omnichannel customer interaction strategies keep 89% of their consumers, compared to only 33% of companies with poor strategies. A digital customer experience plan should include several channels that all work toward the same goal: ensuring customer happiness throughout the journey. 


Read on to learn how to enhance the digital customer experience. 


What is Digital Customer Experience? 

The part of your customer experience journey that deals with online platforms like mobile and desktop and digitally mediated experiences like owned applications and social media content are known as digital customer experience. It also applies to digitally linked surroundings such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and voice-activated gadgets. It's a digital experience whenever your clients interact with your brand over the internet. 


How to Enhance Digital Customer Experience? 

Reduce Load Time 

How quickly does your site load? Do you believe 10 seconds is a reasonable amount of time? You're in for a surprise if you do. According to studies, a 10-second loading time is enough to drive half of your clients to a competitor's website. 


According to Forrester, 40% of customers will not spend more than 3 seconds for just a website to load. According to a Microsoft study, customers will switch to a rival if your site needs even 250 milliseconds longer to load than theirs. 


Simplify Purchases 

Streamlining the shopping process enhances the entire consumer experience and significantly lowers cart abandonment. Make it more convenient for customers to purchase from you. 


In fact, Apple paid Amazon a million dollars to acquire their patented 1-Click ordering system a year after they developed it in 1999. 


AI Chatbot 

We despise waiting for web pages to load, and we despise waiting for our questions to be answered. Nobody wants to wait for a response to their email for more than 24 hours. 


You must devise a method for them to obtain information without speaking with one of your agents. It is critical to have a knowledge foundation. However, getting around it can be difficult. 


You can instantly answer around 80% of your customers' inquiries with an AI chatbot. 


Go Multichannel 

Meet your consumers on their preferred platforms. If a consumer prefers Facebook over your website, it will be simpler to encourage them to consume your content and interact with you on Facebook. 


Please don't make your customers contact you through channels they aren't familiar with or don't even visit. It would help if you devised a multichannel strategy. Give them a choice, interact with them on their preferred digital platforms, and support them. 


Know Your Audience 

Make sure that the feedback you collect comes from the appropriate audience. You may supply products and services suited to the unique requirements of the group you're attempting to reach if you have insights from them. 


Look for persistent pain points among clients who have purchased with you in numerous settings (desktop, in-app, in-store). These individuals may have a lot to say about how well the omnichannel experience is integrated. 


Make It Simple for People to Offer Feedback 

Customer convenience, as well as feedback, is critical for any digital experience program. To get the most out of both, make sure users have a platform to quickly submit feedback that is tailored to their interests and requires no work. Let us meet them where they are at. 


To sum it up… 

Digital is a critical battleground in the experience economy, with enormous prospects for those who delight. The number of platforms and varied methods to engage consumers in the digital world will grow in the following years, making your CX digital transformation crucial to your long-term success. 


SG Analytics' customer analytics solutions can help you learn more about how and why consumers choose to interact with you, allowing you to personalize and fix issues as they emerge. A successful digital consumer experience is all about personalization and speed, and it always will be. 

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