Should I Go for a Projector or a TV?

Internet service providers matter, but before them, what matters is your visual hardware. More often than not, we find ourselves in a mix of whether to go for a TV.

At times, we may find ourselves in a mix of things when we have to choose between an HD projector and a big screen TV.

Don’t we deserve to watch something we love extravagantly when we have the time for it? We do!

That’s why Cable Agency has come up with the pros and cons of the aforementioned hardware.

By the end of it, you will have a clear idea of whether to go for a TV or a projector for an entertaining evening at home.

Personally, we are more inclined towards TVs because of their crisp resolution and less space requirement.


TV projectors don’t put needless stress on your pocket. Their cost-effectiveness makes them buyer-friendly on any given day. A decent projector with a 100-inch screen costs under $1000, whereas an 80-inch smart TV costs no less than $1500.

We should note here that the screen size is not the only factor adding to the overall cost; factors like OLED technology and lasers in projectors add to the total bill.

Still not convinced if you should buy a projector? Read on to see some more pros and cons. In addition, if you are confused about what to watch this season, please check out our hot picks of movies and TV shows here: what to watch across Internet service providers in my area?


When it comes to maintenance, TVs require the least. The LEDs in a smart screen will go on forever. You will, probably, replace it with a new TV instead.

Projectors, on the other hand, use lamps. Their lifespan is less than LEDs in flatscreens. With time, if you have a projector, the lamps would likely need replacement. For some of us, maintenance of any sort puts us off the buying grid. However, if you are ready to put some work in, you can buy these bulbs easily online.


4K is the buzzword these days; both TVs and projectors are well-equipped to handle this technology. It is not just a number but there’s more to it. Usually, 4K and the difference it makes is apparent on large-screen TVs. Squeezing that many pixels into a regular size TV makes them too small and, subsequently, the quality they produce doesn’t show.

HD projectors take the lead here because the screen is big enough – 100-inch – to capture 4K’s actual ability. TVs are closing this gap fast as we see screens getting bigger every year.

Nonetheless, TVs will, for sure, satisfy your 4K cravings tremendously. To take a look at the new range of big-screen TVs, head over to Amazon and take your pick. We hear LG makes top models.

Screen Size

This factor goes in favor of projectors very clearly. As we wrote above, TVs are gaining on fast, and soon, we will see 100-inch sized TVs. 

On a few occasions, we see some of the TVs exceeding the 100-inch mark. Mostly, we see TVs going up to 80 inches in screen size.

The cost of such TVs is beyond most budgets; hence, the fun of turning your home into home-cinema goes to the bin. Projectors, in this instance, make the most of your investment and also keep the excitement alive.

Additionally, with big-screen TVs, you need technicians to mount them once they are at your doorstep. So, it is not something that is portable and installs with ease.

Remember, a projector isn’t complete unless there is a screen for its projection. The 100-inch screen is big enough to have a movie night in the living room. When shopping for a screen, make sure the material is vinyl or woven stuff. 


Brightness matters. The darker the room needs to be to reinforce the video in play if the projection is dim. Most projectors require the rooms to be dim before you can start having an excellent visual experience.

If you’re thinking of having a sunny room and watching on a projector, you’ll have to think again. 

Because the projector mostly works in dimmer surroundings. The rooms lit with sunlight go against their very principle.

TVs, on the other hand, are carriers of brightness regardless of the weather conditions. Even if the sun is up, burning with its full capacity, your visual journey stays stupendously intact.

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