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Abaya – The Islamic Clothing Which Women Love To Wear

Our religious beliefs influence our thoughts, actions, personality, and even the outer appearance.

Our religious beliefs influence our thoughts, actions, personality, and even the outer appearance. Religious beliefs strongly affect our lifestyle and the paths that we choose.

What do you think the generation of today is most excited about?

Well, there are many things like technology, science, nature, etc. However, one thing that everyone is concerned with and excited for, his clothing. The development in the clothing industry has influenced our way of living, our choices and even our medium of earning. 

Now, we have established that clothing and religious beliefs, both, influence our appearance and personality. Therefore, it will only be fair to say that religious beliefs and clothing co-exist.

Politically speaking, sometimes they work as a dichotomy and sometimes they seem like branches of the same tree. For example, Muslim clothing. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the most eminent Muslim garbs called Abaya. 

What is an abaya?

abaya woman fashion

It is a loosely fitted robe-like garment that goes from the shoulders down to the ankles. It has an overcoat like structure therefore sometimes front open and sometimes is worn like a long dress. In Muslim majority countries, both men and women wear abayas. The Indian Muslim population has very recently become acquainted with abaya styles. Abaya in itself was a very simple garment, much like Burka and often worn with a hijab, commonly black. However, it is very recently, in the last few decades, evolved and adapted the ongoing fashion trends. 

Why wear an abaya? 

Speaking from a religious point of view, it is one of the highly recommended garb styles according to Islam. Personally speaking, abayas are extremely comfortable and convenient for all kinds of purposes. The variety caters to the different needs of the customers. 

Is abaya only for women? 

abaya woman fashion

No, abayas cater to all genders and are made according to the tastes of all kinds of preferences. The trend of Indian Muslim men wearing an abaya is much less seen, however, in Gulf countries, most of the men wear an abaya daily. 

How to buy abaya? 

To buy an abaya, you can visit any nearby store or malls that cater to Muslim clothing. However, abayas have been adopted by various designers to develop and create new designs, therefore abayas are no more simply for the Muslim population. The easiest way to buy an abaya would be online. Various websites provide a variety of options from around the world. You could be sitting in any part of the country and you can order abayas from one of the most amazing designers from any part of the world. 

Options in abaya:

abaya woman fashion

When it comes to abayas there is no particular list of choices and options because there is a wide variety available. Abaya is available according to fabric, color, occasion and all the other necessary factors that are taken into account for any piece of clothing. The black abaya has evolved into grays, pinks, blues, etc. The polyester has enveloped into cotton, velvet, silk, etc. and the straight cuts and corners have turned into laces, embellishments, embroidery and other designs. 

What is your best option in summer?

Summer is a long season and one of the most flattery one. People wear all the summery, bright and light clothes that suit the weather and their skin. Therefore, if you an abaya person, your best choice is cotton abaya. Cotton abaya is available in all light and bright colors and even with embellishments to suit the occasion. There are different styles and designs available and can be paired with contrasting color hijabs and bottoms. The summary material, that is, cotton has the least amount of allergic reactions unlike any other fabric therefore it will suit all the skin types. The cloth is easily washable and a long-lasting one. Cotton abayas can be easily worn daily, however, look perfect in a daytime function paired with matching jewelry and shoes. 

Who can afford an abaya?

Anyone and everyone can afford an abaya. Abaya is a general piece of clothing that is available everywhere from Sunday bazaars to local brands to designers. Abaya is available in all price ranges. 

Happy clothing, wear your faith in style!

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