Dessert Safari Program

All About Dessert Safari Program

Desert safari program is an all-around arranged visit to the desert with 4×4 wheel drive jeeps to overcome the colossal brilliant shaded remote sand hills of the Arabian Sahara. Our desert safari deal is a mix of Adventure, excite, fun and a voyage to Arabian culture.

There are different safari programs offered in this nation yet the most mainstream one is the morning desert safari Dubai dealswith BBQ supper and hip twirl appear. This is a program that begins toward the evening and return late in the night from the desert after a considerable measure exercises pursued by a live cooked BBQ Dinner. Phoenix Tours desert safari bundle offer you a comprehensive safari program that incorporates pickup and drop off desert safari, camel ride, henna, shisha, sand ski, a full BBQ supper with soda mineral water tea espresso, live show, for example, belly  artist appear and tannura demonstrate any some more

Since the desert safari program is an undertaking; in this way the program we attempted and tried 100 of times to stay away from even a moment blunder and we guarantee that phoenix Tours has taken all security estimates, for example, exceptionally arranged jeeps for desert safari which has move over insurance confine; medical aid offices, prepared and authorized proficient safari drivers. The most exciting piece of the safari is the crazy ride over the sand rise, the fun produced from the weight less inclination while cruising through colossal delicate Sandy Mountain, would tail you for an actual existence time. The exciting ride makes stop in the center to betray to see a total dusk, at that point you proceed for the 1001 Arabian evenings BBQ supper program.

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The 1001 Arabian evenings will be at our own Bedouin safari camp, on landing in the camp you would be welcome with Arabic tea and dates, at that point escort you to join Arabian evenings program. The desert safari program is professionally created in such way that it would take consequently to that tall tales which portrays the Persian and Arabian significant lot sandy land scape the camels, lords and sheikhs and so on. Phoenix Tours desert safari camp is fabricated so customarily to give you a quick adventure to Arabian culture, where the cabins are worked with leaves of the palm trees and the inside of the hovels are seriously outfitted withe got-hair mats and Persian cover, you will be situated on pad to have the sentiment of the Royal Arabian night. The safari camp do have a the offices, for example, perfect and clean toilets, medium-term outdoors, extraordinary occasions region, setting for the recreational exercises and so forth. As the night approaches the music would go louder the gut artist would seem dressed like a pixie to demonstrate a credible execution with her paunch.Theprogram never stops here; as we have another experience the tannura appear, a performance mysterious execution by a young fellow that add more life to the night. .

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