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How Moffett Forklifts Boost Productivity?

Handling material is a sensitive task, especially when your entire business depends on it. You are responsible for not only the transportation and delivery of the material, but also for the safety of the crew operating it. As such, you need the best and the most reliable material handling equipment available in the market. For most if not all fleet managers, that material handling equipment is the Moffett piggyback forkliftThis particular type of forklift is the result of fierce competition among manufacturers to provide the best material handling equipment to businesses so that they are able to perform their operations with greater efficiency.

As such, it has revolutionized the landscape and is now used in several industries to great effect. However, what is it that makes the Moffett forklift better than the rest? How is it able to boost productivity in such a way that makes it desirable in all businesses, all over the world? These are some of the questions we shall answer in the article to follow.

The Secret to Higher Productivity

The Moffett forklift boosts productivity like none other. It is a clear improvement over its competition for the simple fact that it gets more done in less time and at less cost. So let us see how it achieves this impeccable efficiency.

  1. Mounting Ability: The ability for which the Moffett forklift gets its name, being able to mount at the back of trucks is what makes it so much more efficient than any other type of forklift. The truck-mounted forklift has the ability to mount and dismount from the back of the truck in just sixty seconds. This has several implications:
    1. You can simply mount the forklift at the back of the truck once you are done which means fewer transportation costs, which would otherwise have been incurred in transporting the forklift itself.
    2. You don’t have to wait around for the forklift to show up at the site of operation. This saves time and money in the form that as soon as you reach the destination, you can get to work since the forklift is right there with you.
    3. The fact that the forklift is right at the back of the truck means you don’t have to worry about its safety and that it might be damaged or get into an accident on the way to the production site. As such, any unforeseen costs are avoided.

Therefore, it is quite clear how the Moffett forklift reduces transportation costs and saves time at the site of production, this, in turn, boosts the overall productivity of operations.

  1. Operation over Rough Terrain: The Moffett machinery is not just confined to operation in an urban environment but also works over rough terrain. This makes the forklift extremely versatile and as such, it is desirable for many operations across the country. The Moffett M8, M9, and M10 are models specifically designed to work over rough terrain and are often used to handle building material, turf, agriculture and in the poultry industry. Due to their ability to maintain balance over uneven surfaces, they are able to boost productivity according to the need of the business. They can deliver material to places that are not accessible by other forklifts and thus are able to maintain operations without delay.
  2. Versatility in Operation: Moffett forklifts have versatility in operations through a diversified range of features that are unique only to them. Even used Moffett equipment has greater technical prowess over its rivals, given that it is bought from an authentic and reliable retailer such as Bobby Park Truck and Equipment that are renowned for providing the best quality Moffett forklifts. Some of the unique features of Moffett forklifts that help them boost productivity include:
    1. Extended mast reach which makes it easier to lift heavy loads and keep the forklift stable
    2. Four-way steering that improves maneuverability in confined and narrow spaces. This is especially useful in urban distribution
    3. Hydraulic stabilizers that provide extra stability

This allows operators to use Moffett forklifts in a way that no other forklift can be used and make the most of their versatile functionality.

  1. Lighter and More Stable than Conventional forklifts: Lastly, Moffett fork trucks have an upper hand on conventional forklifts due to their weight and stability. As mentioned above, these forklifts have hydraulic stabilizers that make it hard for them to tip over. Couple this with their lighter weight and it makes an unbeatable combination of agility and strength. Where heavier forklifts are not able to negotiate tight corners and crowded spaces, these forklifts do not hinder operations like that. Instead, they make it easy for the operator to handle any load that is being carried by the forklift.

These were just some of the factors that help Moffett fork trucks increase productivity in all operational scenarios.

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