All Mailchimp Pricing Plans 2022 with Salient Features

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We believe you landed here to know the Mailchimp pricing plan for this year. It would be great to acknowledge some new salient features of this marketing software. Before you plunge into the section of pricing, we just want to clear you about the Mailchimp software, what it is and what significant role it plays for every diverse type of business today. 

Get intel as much as you can to evolve your business with every day passing. 

Introduction to Mailchimp marketing software

An under-rated email marketing software where pouring investment will never regret you in the future. A software Mailchimp aids you to send email newsletter campaigns, creating landing pages for business, flaunt products of business across an email or social network, etc. You can take the advantage of paid advertising here as well. Big deal! Integration is also possible with this marketing platform. 

  • A user can track Campaign Analytics details

  • Easy to import email templates to fetch a new audience

  • Sync with the platforms like Slack and WordPress

Your team can design business templates by using their own HTML code. There is nothing complex in transporting HTML codes for custom builders. Additionally, a user can import the Zip file of HTML code for their custom template purpose. 

This email marketing tool is offering Customer Journey Builder for the purpose of an automated email-based sales funnel. It is now simple to gauge the flows of different segments of every audience that you have. 

This is what Mailchimp is to take your marketing activity to the next level. The software’s top three competitors are: SendInBlue, HubSpot, and GetResponse. Check out the pricing separately and then make a decision of purchasing. 


Mailchimp Pricing plan 2022 with Functions

There are four Mailchimp Pricing plans for this software. It’s all up to you which one to adapt according to your needs. Let’s unhide the names and the cost-


  • This simply indicates that this plan is free of cost for everyone. 

  • This plan helps you curate the landing pages and forms for your business.

  • A new feature it introduced is Website Builder.

  • You are allowed to create contact profiles. 


  • The pricing of this plan of Mailchimp tool is $10.40/month

  • The software has the functionality of A/B Testing and Custom Branding easily

  • From here you can send 500,000 emails in a month to your audience

  • This plan is offering you all day chat support for any of your query 


  • The pricing of the Standard plan is $15.54/month

  • You will get functionality like Dynamic content and custom templates

  • How about getting a Customer Journey Builder feature? It’s outstanding for your business. 

  • A user can easily build their own templates as they want. 


  • The Premium plan of Mailchimp software cost you $310.71/month

  • Get the features such as comparative reporting, multivariate testing, etc. 

  • If you have bundles of queries then this plan offers Phone support to handle your problems.

  • The contact limit in the Premium plan is 200,000. 


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