Andhra Bank Gold Loan

Gold ornaments have always held a precious space in our homes. With its value being so high there is always afraid of it being stolen, thus it is time to put your gold to work. You can avail gold loans and use that money to invest. With Andhra Bank, gold loan access has become a piece of cake.

Who can apply for Andhra Bank Gold Loan?

The applicant must be an Indian who is also a citizen of the nation. Also, his age should not be less than 18 years. It is not necessary for the applicant to be an employee or self-employed, even a housewife or a student is also eligible for Andhra Bank gold loans. The quality of the gold should lie between 18-22 carats with the weight should not be less than 10 grams.

Documentation required for Andhra Bank Gold Loan

Bank Gold Loan

Documentation is needed to be done to verify the details, identification and other information of the applicant. These documents include Driver’s License/ Passport/ Voter Card/ Aadhar Card/ Ration Card etc. Along with this, three passport size photographs are also required.

Features of Andhra Bank Gold Loan

To begin with, Andhra Bank Gold Loan is being provided by Andhra Bank. One of the biggest feature is that the interest at which they offer is at 12.90% per annum which is relatively cheaper than the personal loan. 

These are provided even when there is no salary or income to show by the applicant and also can be accessed with a bad credit history.

Andhra Bank Gold Loan provides the facility in which the applicant can pay the interest rate only for its EMIs and can pay off the principal amount once the tenure of the loan is over. Also, the processing fee is very minimal for up to 2%.

The loan is disbursed under 30 minutes which is relatively quick. Along with that with Andhra bank, you can get loan up to 80% of the pledged amount.

There are no pre-closure charges involved. For example, you want to deposit the entire loan amount before the loan tenure ends, you can do so and you wouldn’t have to pay any extra amount for that.

Andhra Bank Gold Loan Calculator

Funds loan Fair Deals

With this facility, the customer can have access to the interest rate on the required amount for the given tenure. With the help of this feature, the customer can have an idea about the total interest rate, the amount of Loan that the applicant has to pay eventually and other calculation. This helps him to decide the amount of Loan and the tenure of the Loan.

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