Artificial Intelligence: Embrace this King of Disruptors

Artificial Intelligence Disruption

We are experiencing the storm created by Artificial Intelligence. The innovations made with the help of automation are changing the whole scenario. Machines are working like humans and one cannot identify whether a human is talking over the phone or a robot. In the following years, AI is going to change the way we work and do business. It will create a wave of disruption in every sector and we will be able to do nothing other than experiencing the power and change that it will bring along. It’s a new age and the organizations are reaping the benefits of this smart technology. Many top companies like TCS, Infosys, and Wipro have adopted AI and started the research to stay ahead in the market.

Artificial intelligence is going to create an enriched experience as it will open a door to human learning, discovery, and productivity personally and professionally. We cannot deny the fact that automation is at a fast pace disrupting the people’s day-to-day working. You must have heard a lot about AI replacing humans and creating a fear factor in them. Don’t you think humans are the creators of smart machines and nothing can replace it?

Fact Alert

According to the report of World Economic Forum, it is expected that machines and algorithms can build around 133 million unique job responsibilities, but can cause 75 million new jobs to be moved by the year 2022. Artificial Intelligence is soon going to create 58 million net new employment. In 2025, machines are expected to handle the majority of work handled by humans. This will bring in a major transformation at the workplaces. In order to grab big roles and chuck roles that hold no importance after the arrival of AI professionals need to up-skill and grab big opportunities.

Jobs it will create

AI holds the capacity to reshape existing roles or creating new jobs. In order to survive in the world getting dominated by artificial intelligence, you should not stop taking an active role in upskilling. Enhance your skills in order to shift to fit in new roles that AI will create. The powerful technology is going to create a plethora of job opportunities for data analysts, software developers, social media specialists, sales and marketing, innovation, and customer service. Other jobs that will create are telepresence specialist, AI engineer, vertical farming specialist, robotics engineer, IoT engineer, machine linguist, and many more. The jobs of data entry, payroll, and accounting will exist no more. In will create a profound impact on the various functional areas such as external communication, customer relations, workforce management, security detection, operational improvement, logistics and supply chain, production floor systems, and many more.

Developing new skills to survive and thrive

Cultivate new skills to survive in the data-driven landscape. The more skilled you are, the better it is. Businesses and workers will have to invest in training programs and certifications to further give their mind a boost and tackle the stormy Artificial Intelligence. Since the opportunities in Artificial Intelligence are many, it’s worth getting certified AI professionals should waste no time in sharpening their skills and get certified with the top credentialing bodies such as Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTIBA), Columbia University, IBM, and Udemy. Build a solid foundation by gaining in-depth knowledge of the AI concepts, machine learning, Regression, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforced Learning, Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Computing, and Deep Learning. Get credibility with certifications across the globe and get recognized by the top companies to get high-salary packages. Stay ahead of the competition and get certified to make your place in the big field of AI.

Either one can sit and watch the disruption caused by AI or get prepared to enter the space by strengthening the skills! AI is the future and you ought to embrace it.

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