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Top 3 Cities You Should Visit In Croatia This Summer

A number of people will remember Croatia for last year’s World Cup success, but this Dalmatian nation has been in the headlines long before that and for different reasons as well. It is a coveted summer hotspot bringing together all of the hot season delights including sandy beaches, excellent sailing backdrops, funky parties, among many other pleasures. If Croatia is on your mind this summer, consider making some time for the following cities.

1) Zagreb

Croatia Summer Zagreb

Understandably but wrongly overlooked for a country renowned for its enchanting coastline, Croatia’s inland capital is a summer convergence of food, street art, parties, and amazing townscape. It might not have the delight of the Adriatic Sea but nearby Plitvice Lakes National Park avails all the watery appeal you might be looking for.

16 crystal clear lakes reside with the Eden-like haven with summer ensuring the once-frozen water is now cascading its way across a youthful green background. For a share of serene greenery within the city itself, the Green Horseshoe has got your back ensuring an abundance of fountains, squares, and parks for some pleasing alone time with Mother Nature.

While you might not be taking a trip to visit cemeteries, the one on Mount Mèdvednica’s lower slopes is home to many famous Croatian history makers with the cemetery’s fortress-esque architecture making for nice viewing as well.

2) Split

Croatia Summer Split travel

For a share of orange-tiled buildings of old gathering around endless stretches of turquoise waters, Split is undoubtedly the place to be. Its beauty is unmatched with natural and man-made features complementing to great effect to realize a city seemingly plucked out of the BC era. If you are on the hunt for Croatia property for sale, you’ll certainly fancy spending your days by the sea promenade which typifies everything good about this rustic location.
A coastal town’s strongest selling point is its coastline and Split over-delivers with immense golden sandy contours to savor which include the popular Bacvice beach and the low-key shallow alternative of Firule.
Diocletian’s palace stands out as Split’s greatest treasure as the 1700-year old empire residence presents the very best of Roman architectural ingenuity. Split, in general, provides refuge to a number of historical sites and it is a town most desired for its past-century charm.

3) Pula

Pula houses a Roman Colosseum which is touted as the most complete in the world and that alone is responsible for a great deal of the traffic this reserved town gets. The Colosseum barely looks a day old and that is also the story of many well-preserved Roman ruins that litter the city.
Its coastal location also ensures there’s no shortage of fun on the beach with Brioni, Valsaline, and Seagull’s Rocks all providing different landscapes for varying experiences. These beaches form the perfect backdrop for a host of colorful festivals which ring out from the inland all the way into the water during summer. From classical films and plays of yesteryears to decadent modern concerts, the colosseum’s Arena becomes party central over the hot season.
Pula is also famous for serving the world’s finest malvasia wine and Italian-inspired cuisine made better and distinct by a dash of Croatian creativity. You’ll find truffle-accented dishes, fun pasta and a whole range of awesome dishes across the town’s lovely lineup of restaurants. If you’d like to go truffle hunting yourself, the Motovun forest nearby offers many truffle tours.
This trio is proof that Croatia’s cities truly are some of the best this world has ever seen.

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