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Benefits of Virtualization in Cloud Computing & its types

As we all know that virtualization is a very important part because it is the world of digitalization. Everything is becoming digital and even the presence of all business is also becoming digital. Every business is focusing on becoming virtual rather than been physical. For that purpose most of the business have started adopting the method of cloud computing. One more option that came nowadays is the method of virtualization.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization in cloud computing is the process of making the virtual version of anything that has physical presence like hardware, software, operating system etc. This has benefitted many customers as it is cost effective and time saving.

With the help of this you can run many operating systems or apps under single machine and that also on same hardware without any problem in fact it increases the flexibility.

Benefits of Virtualization in Cloud computing

1.    Security

If we adopt some new thing than for sure security of data is very important thing as it is the first thing that comes into the mind of every person. That security is been provided by firewalls which prevents to access in any unauthorized way and always keeps the data secured and safe.

Even if you have any confidential file you need not to worry about it because it is safe from all the dangers including the cyberattacks and virus. The process of encryption is also done so that with the protocols so that you are automatically protected from other threads. If the customer wants he/she can create the backup of data in some other server where it can be stored.

2.    Operations and ROI Increases

With the virtualization of Cloud computing the work is operating in a very smooth way. With the help of it all the work is carried on time and even save much time than before. It removes all the problem of backup or retaining the data that may be lost due to some corrupted file or any other technical issue.

One more benefit from it is that the ROI of the business is increased. It is so because the energy exhaustion tariffs could be taken off because all the exploitation of physical hardware or software. Even the funds which are taken for maintenance could also be ignored.

3.    Transfer data flexibly

With the help of virtualization you can easily transfer the data from the server and you can also retrieve it any time. The users need not to panic for the data as they can find whatever they need very easily and no need to search in the hard drive.

It is very easy to locate the data and transfer them to the authorities at long distance in couple of time by paying little charges. If you want some additional storage than also you can get by paying some amount and if you do not want the storage provided than you can also take less space virtual disk and could not have to pay much.

4.    Cost Efficient

This is one of the important reasons for the shifting of people towards virtualization. If virtualization is done in cloud computing than it saves the cost for the physical machines like server, hardware etc. Virtualization process stores all the data in the server and so you do not need any type of system.

Even it helps the companies to save the space, electricity bills and even the maintenance cost. With more space you can use it in more profitable department. This factor helps to increase the productivity of the business.

Types of Virtualization

So here we comes with type of virtualization that are been used in the context of cloud computing. They are as follows:-

·         Hardware Virtualization

Hardware virtualization in Cloud Computing is the virtualization that is been used the server platform for making the work for flexible and easy as the virtual machine is always better than the physical machine. In this virtualization the system installs the software in there hardware so it is known as hardware virtualization. It is mostly used to control and examine the memory, process and other hardware parts.

·         Operating System Virtualization

As the name suggests it the process of virtualization in the operating system of the machine. Operating system virtualization in Cloud Computing happens when the software is installed in the operating system of the machine instead of installing it in the hardware system.

It is most probably used for examine the applications that are been present in the system on different platforms or operating system.

·         Server Virtualization

In this type of virtualization the software is installed directly in to the server system. With the help of this virtualization software the administrator of server can divide the single server into multiple servers. By dividing the single server in multiple servers the users gets benefit of also dividing the load which helps in balancing the load.

·         Storage Virtualization

In this virtualization, a main focus is on the storage of the system. In this the pairing is done of physical storage that is been taken from the multiple network storage devices. All this process is been taken so that all storage looks like a single storage device. This is mostly done for backup and recovery process.


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