Best Internet Marketing Strategies To Follow In 2019

Staying updated about the latest strategies in marketing helps dodge the competition from others in the business world. While different strategies do not become completely outdated each year, there are some that work better than others. Internet marketing can seem very complicated for people who are either new to online businesses or people who aren’t well acquainted with the latest trends in marketing. Hence, here’s a list of internet marketing strategies to follow this year to ensure a better reach for your business.



If you’re talking about internet marketing, it all comes down to content. When you get the content right, everything else becomes a lot easier. While most people are familiar with guest posts, blogs, how to articles, and other kinds of content, topic clusters are a relatively newer style of writing.

Topic cluster means choosing a broad topic with many subtopics, appropriate for your niche. You should choose a topic based on an optimal keyword search volume, something that interests people and answers people’s questions. For one broad topic, you can create subtopics and use many keywords- both target and LSI. This content is created to rank the pillar content on the 1st page of the SERPs. This is also intended to provide readers with lots of information.


Recently, it’s not as easy to obtain user information like it used to be. This means marketers need to target their users in a different way. That is why contextual targeting has become quite popular and effective. Contextual targeting does not depend on user data; instead, it’s more about the kind of content people engage with, by looking at user sessions.

Contextual targeting involves a lot of insight, which is why artificial intelligence and machine learning can be helpful. An example of contextual targeting is displaying ads of mobile phone cases on smartphone-related websites. People who plan to buy a smartphone might also plan to get a new case for the phone.



Live videos are everywhere- Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. The whole idea behind bringing this feature to various popular social media platforms is that people prefer watching videos than reading the text. This also means your marketing strategy should definitely involve video marketing as well.

Whether you post a how-to video, DIY, an interview with an iconic figure in your field, or a review of your product from a user/influencer, more people would view it as a video rather than a text, and it adds up to your brand authority and reputation.


While most marketers would choose to market their website without much investment, it’s obviously a good add-on if you go for paid advertising. While organic ways of marketing take more time to get the desired outcome, paid advertising has an almost immediate result. Well-known paid advertising platforms to include Google AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.



There is a reason why email marketing has been around for years and continues to have a prominent place in internet marketing. However, people attribute their failure in email marketing to its inability to generate good leads. But when done the right way, email marketing can help a great deal. It has the potential to generate more ROI than many other marketing strategies.

When you have a list of clients or subscribers, make it a point to send out newsletters and promotional offers regularly. This should be part of your client retainment strategy. The emails should be personalized so that every client feels valued. Email marketing is a simpler way of attracting new clients and retaining already existing clients. Since email marketing doesn’t come with a lot of technical considerations, you can master the art of crafting the right type of emails with a little practice.


While all these marketing strategies help you market your products/services and your website better, there’s never a reason to omit SEO. In fact, the other strategies work well only when SEO is done right. The kind of attention your website gets when it ranks well in the SERPs is unparalleled.

Here are some of the points to consider when you’re optimizing your content

  • Look for keywords that people search and use them in your content to rank better. Use both target keywords and LSI keywords to avoid stuffing too many keywords.
  • Weave a content that is unique, useful, and informative. Try to write more than 1000 words.
  • Ensure you do proper on-page and off-page SEO. You would find plenty of informative blogs on how to take care of on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Besides these, you can take some technical steps, like SEO audit, to rank better. For the technical part, hiring an SEO expert makes sense.


All of the above-stated points are like the ingredients you would need to create the perfect recipe for a meaningful ROI. However, how do you place them in the right order? This is where we need to talk about the marketing funnel. Converting a reader/viewer to a client is a complicated process. Building a marketing funnel would help you have a better idea about how the entire process works.

Creating a marketing funnel is a very personalized task, since the steps and strategies adopted by businesses may differ. However, there is a basic format to convert a user, and it is-

  1. Creating awareness about your business
  2. Converting viewers into leads
  3. Converting leads into customers

The first step is to bring your business to the forefront so that people would notice it and become aware. This can be achieved through proper SEO techniques. The next step is the process of conversion from a regular viewer or reader to a lead. Good video marketing, content, well-placed keywords would help you achieve this. After that is converting the leads into customers. You can achieve this by using paid ads, email marketing, etc. Once you design a marketing funnel for your business, it helps you assess each step and act appropriately.

As you add the right strategies to your marketing plan and create an appropriate marketing funnel for your business, everything else will fall into place. All you need is a proper plan to work around and a dash of patience.

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