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Best PDF Collection Manager Software for Business and Enterprise

Read the blog to know the best PDF collection manager software for you Windows OS. Learn in brief about each tool for managing PDF files.

Unlike past years, records, files, manuals are saved in the form of papers, which are actually difficult to manage. Also, finding the space for saving these papers is not easy for everyone. But, now the time is changed, all the business are going digital & everyone is maintaining their paper records in a PDF file format. So that all the documents, reports, worksheets can be collectively managed. But, sometimes handling the large collection of documents is not an easy task. Therefore, in this write-up, we come up with the best PDF collection manager tool that will help all business and enterprise users to handle their documents efficiently.

What is the Right Solution for Managing PDF Files

PDF the best

As we all know, there are many things to consider while selecting the best document management software for Windows OS. So, examined multiple applications and find that best one on the market in 2019 i.e PDF Document Manager Software. It a complete PDF Toolkit that is divided into two sections i.e. small and large. The small Toolkit comprises of 6 software while the large one is having 10 tools.

Software Comes Under the PDF Collection Manager

  • PDF Unlocker
  • PDF Recovery
  • PDF Split & Merge
  • PDF Toolbox
  • PDF Form Filler
  • PDF Watermark

PDF Unlocker:

Click the Unlock PDF button

This is the first software comes under the PDF Collection Manager. Many times we have to deal with those documents which are password protected or restricted. Therefore, to handle such kind of documents this software can be used. It is used to remove security from Adobe PDF documents without a password. It includes print, copy, edit, sign, comment, form filling, etc. It is a four-step process to use this tool i.e.

1- Download and run the software on Windows OS

2- Browse the protected PDF document

3- Click the Unlock PDF button to start

4- View the unprotected PDF for copy, print, edit, etc.

PDF Recovery:

It is another best document management software for Windows Operating System. With this software highly corrupted or damaged PDF files can be repaired. Multiple errors based issued can be resolved by this software in a very less time span. All the text and images in the PDF document can be recovered by this professional solution. Lastly, it is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS. Steps to repair PDF files are as follows:

1- Launch the software on Windows OS

2- Click Load PDF button to browse the file

3- Now, the tool will scan the PDF document

4- Lastly, view the recovered PDF

PDF Split & Merge Software

Use the SysTools Spit & Merge tool for managing PDF files in batch. The utility allows the user to merge multiple PDF files into a single document so as to maintain them in an efficient way. Additionally, it is also possible to divide large PDF into smaller files by splitting them according to Page/Even/Range/Odd Pages. The software does not have any limitation on the number of PDF files to be merged. Multiple PDF documents can be combined in a single time span. Follow these steps to combine PDF files into one:

1- Download the software on Windows OS

2- Select the Merge option

3- Click Add Files / Folder option

4- Hit the Process button

PDF Toolbox:

PDF Toolbox

This is the most professional PDF collection manager tool comes under the list. This software is helpful in managing PDF files by performing multiple tasks at a time. It can compress large size PDF files into small size, convert PDF documents to PDF/A format, extract text or images from PDF document. Now, follow these steps to compress PDF documents:

1- Open the software & select the Compress option

2- Click Add Files / Folder option to insert PDF

3- Choose the desired PDF Compress option

4- PDF Compression process completed Successfully  (Message Pop-up)

PDF Form Filler:

This is the other document management software for Windows users who want to deal with the PDF forms. The software allows the user to open, fill and edit the text in PDF forms in an efficient manner. Also, it is integrated with amazing features and a user-friendly interface. Steps to fill PDF form:

1- Run the PDF form filler software

2- Fill the highlighted fields in the form

3- Click Save As option for saving the form

4- Use Export data to save PDF form data in a .fdf format

PDF Watermark:

Another software in the list of PDF collection manager tool is the PDF Watermark software. With this tool apply watermark on multiple PDF documents in text or image format. Multiple PDF documents can be processed at a time for the watermarking purpose. This utility is widely used to organize research papers PDF files by adding watermark to it. Now, to apply PDF watermark follow these easy steps:

1- Download and Run the software

2- Select either Text or Image watermark

3- Click Add Files / Folder option

4- Select the Watermark options & click Generate


When it comes to maintain the large collection of the PDF documents many business or enterprise people start searching for the best PDF collection manager software. Thus, to ease the task of these people we have discussed the best document management software for Windows OS users. This kit comprises of 6 software providing multiple functionalities for managing PDF files in batch. Hence, one should absolutely go for this Toolkit for handling large PDF set.

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