Bypass FRP

How to Bypass FRP Using The Quick Shortcut Maker?

Since March 2015, Google came up with a new security feature that ended Bypass FRP up inconveniencing a lot of android users who have been using the same google account for so long that they have forgotten their user details.

The Factory Reset Protection (Bypass FRP) installed on all Android devices post 5.1 or Lollipop is a problem analogous to the Apple’s cloud lock-in Apple devices.

These locks are meant primarily to keep data from being accessible from a lost or stolen device. The trouble, however, is that most users don’t know about this feature until after the factory reset their phones. If they happen to remember their Google account and passwords they can definitely go back to accessing their phones but then there are some people who invariably forget and are locked out of their own smartphones.

In order to retrieve their phones, they have to now somehow figure out a way to Bypass FRP Google’s account verification system.

Bypass FRP

This protection feature is essentially installed on Android device to prevent a random stranger from clearing all data from the phone. However, if you end up forgetting how to access your phone, it does more harm than good anyway.

One of the best solutions to this issue is to use the Quick Shortcut Maker app. This is an application that creates an app shortcut on the home screen of the phone and can remove the Bypass FRP lock on any android device effectively.

The Quick Shortcut Maker app can also be used for searching for the app you wish to launch. All you need to do is let the application create a shortcut on your screen and you can run any app anytime, all without having to go to your app carousel and swiping for the right application every time.

This app is compatible with marshmallow, lollipop, nougat and KitKatAndroidd operating systems.

How to Bypass FRP using The Quick Shortcut Maker?

Step 1: Using the mobile which needs to be locked, go to the google chrome browser and search for the quick shortcut maker app.

Step 2: Install quick short automaker 2.40 and if it doesn’t work, try an earlier version.


Step 3:  Install the google account manager. This must be according to the android version you are using or else there will be an error called ‘type email and password’ on your device.

  • Marshmallow users use 6.0.1 google account manager version.
  • Nougat users use 7 version of google account manager.

Step 4: After you finish installing, run the quick shortcut maker 2.4.0 pk. In its list search for the google account manager app.

Step 5: You need to open the ‘type email and password’ slot. Ideally, ya pop up window will appear. On the window go up to the top of the right screen and click on the three dots.

Step 6:  Please note that the new Gmail Id and password you wish to create must be activated and the email and password you are offering are completely correct.

Step 7: After completing the entire procedure, reboot your phone. After rebooting, the device, it will show that an account has already been added.

And that is all it took to unlock your android device!

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