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Mindful Eating: (Re) Learn How to Listen To And Nurture Your Body

Intuitive eating or mindful eating is a trending, new hot topic nowadays. Mindful eating helps create a strong and healthy relationship between your food, and mind and Nurture Body.  We listen to a lot of ‘shoulds’ when it comes to the topic of eating healthy. One should eat this and should not eat this, to stay healthy and live longer and so on and so forth. Although most of these discussions are not based on real information, instead it is all hearsay. When we become too conscious, we let others decide what’s good for our Nurture Your Body and what not. In the attempts to follow the eating advice by other, we stop listening to what our body wants and needs. The Internet is full of informational pieces on mindful eating. Check out   Windstream internet availability and subscribe to one of the packages to catch up on the ongoing debate about mindful eating.

It’s true that mindful eating helps you distinguish between actual and true hunger and the false appetite that you may feel emotionally. Have you ever noticed how children are so clear about what and how much do they want to eat? They wouldn’t find it difficult to leave a bowl of ice cream unfinished or a cup of hot chocolate. It’s because we have this innate ability and sense to eat until we are completely full. We really need to relearn this childhood behavior towards appetite and stop overeating when we think that something is way too delicious. Practice is what we need and lots of consistency and diligence, only then we will be capable of doing intuitive eating.

Say No to the Diet Mentality

Nurture Body

Forget all the diet books and journals that you have been maintaining or reading over the years. You need to get rid of all those false yet promising hopes of losing weight easily, quickly, and permanently. All that disappointment and anger that comes as a result of every failed diet plan should be avoided because it is not good for anyone. Eating very little, fighting appetite and hunger and consuming very few calories are actually harmful to our Nurture Body. Do not think this will make you fit. Know what healthy and mindful eating really is.

Honor and Accept Nurture Body Hunger


Your Nurture Body needs an adequate amount of energy and carbs for essential functioning. Deny the myths that say that carbs are as bad as poison and you will become the most obese person on the planet Earth if you take carbs. We need to have a certain percentage of complex carbs in our diet our brains need carbs. If you are not letting yourself have enough carbs or calories, you may get triggered to overeat. The reason is that when your hunger reaches its threshold, then all mindfulness, consciousness is gone, and then you just want to eat.

Make Peace with your Hunger and Food

Mindful Eating

Stop holding your appetite and stop fighting the food! You need an unconditional permission to let yourself eat. If you keep telling yourself not to eat this and not to have a particular food, you build up your feelings of deprivation, which result in intense cravings. This is not a healthy practice. Eventually, you will end up snacking late night when you can fight the cravings.

Honor Your Nurture Body

You really need to respect your inheritance and your genetics. Would you expect your feet to fit in size 6 shoes if they are size 8? No, and you would consider it a silly question to begin with. Recognize the needs of your Nurture Body and respect it instead of denying its needs. Do not try to shrink your body to a size that it doesn’t belong to. You need to respect your body and embrace how it is.

Work Out

Exercise and work out can make you feel the difference. Staying active makes you feel better. Shift your focus. Instead of taking work out as a calorie-burning drill, focus on how exercise makes you energized and active. You can have your preferences. A brisk walk, morning jog, swimming, or any other form of exercise that essentially makes you energized.

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