Cake Designs And Themes to go with Each Occasion

The new year is here with another dazzling calendar full of celebrating dates. Have you although replenished your ideas from last year. We thought so. If you too have not done some homework on how to enlighten your occasion this year with newer ideas you really need to hold tight and finish reading this. This year will be about happiness, luck and newer opportunities, at least that’s how we hope it is. Continuing on the same lines, let’s plan out our celebrations for the very near future and think of cakes to order that go with the theme of occasions. 

Hence we have a list of Bakingo cakes in Indore that will slide parallel with the theme is the occasion flaunting the perfect design and style. 

  • Chocolate for anniversary

Now before we begin enlisting these cake flavours, know that it’s not a restriction to stick with but mere options of things that go really well together. A chocolate cake for an anniversary, for instance, is perfect for they represent love and romance in their own ways. You can order dark chocolate or chocolate truffle cake. 

  • Fondant icing cake for birthday

On the occasion of a friend’s birthday, there is a lot of freedom to go rogue with cake style and design. Fondant icing is one that can do the trick for duh instances. A car, a remote control, a shoe or anything you feel reflects your friend’s personality is what you have to go for. And you can go for any cake flavour too, be it butterscotch or chocolate. 

  • Semicircle for silver jubblies

Be it your parent’s 25th anniversary or their 25 years of service in a firm; it requires a grand celebration. For such occasions, you can order cakes in semi-circle shapes that represent the half-circle of accomplishment. You can use the other half of the plate to keep presents or messages or their favourite things. You can also try a fondant cake in this shape. 

  • Photo cakes for accomplishments

Whenever your friends or someone from your family flags their accomplishment, it deserves a reward. You can go however extravagant you may like with the presents, but cake is one thing you will need to have anyways. So for such occasions, you can have a photo cake that has their picture at the time when they are celebrating their moment.

  • Naughty cakes for Bachelorette 

In a bachelor party for a friend, the department of bringing the naughtiest and funniest cake ever goes to the best friend. Not breaking the ritual of cutting weird and controversial cakes you have to bring a cake that makes everyone shy for at least a minute. You can find a million of such ideas in cakes on the internet with the needs of a click.

  • A colourful Holi cake 

Holi is the festival of colours and will forever be, but you can now bring the twist of colours to your cake as well. You can order arainbow cake or a cake with multi coloured layers as per your preference made on special order. You can either have the colours in the bread, or you can make the cream exciting with the combination of various colours. If not you can have gems as toppings on the cake and you have a Holi cake at a lower price.

  • A chocolaty Diwali cake

Diwali is the festival of sweets and sugar and so should be your cake. Now you may be thinking cakes are a sweet dish only and there is no exception to it unless you order a sugarless cake. But not when you have the cake made especially with chocolate full of syrup or extra sugary toppings. You can also pick a cake that has wrapped molten, chocolate which is unreleased when and wrapped.

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