Homemade Food Items to Make for Boyfriend on his Birthday

There are some occasions in life when we feel overwhelmed with so many emotions and feelings, warming us up every minute. These times put us in a place where we feel a greater connection and affection to our loved ones and want to go the extra mile for them, with them. Birthdays are one such celebratory moment too when we want to do things for the birthday boy or girl and make them the boss of our worlds for at least one day. This rush of feeling unfolds in greater intensity when it’s about our partners. Boyfriends and girlfriends are a very trendy and social media term to what is true love on the inside. Well, looking to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday in 2021, we have come up with homemade dishes you can try to show utmost love and care. 

Materialistic gifts are not always the right things to do, especially when the space can be filled better with heartfelt presents. Know some handmade food items here that you can easily cook to shower love. 

  • A cake

A birthday cake for boyfriend is a very surreal thing and has to be perfect. Well, it has to be perfect when it is ordered, and for that, you can easily turn to any online portals that will do your job with ease. But when baking all that matters is that it is baked with love, even if imperfect. 

  • Cupcakes

If it is an intimate celebration and no friends are going to be present, you won’t need a big cake. A cupcake will be able to do your job with much ease and happiness. Watch its recipe on YouTube or google it with its easy accessibility. 

  • A big platter

If your guy is one to have food and not just pretend dishes in bars and cafes, he would love for you to bake a platter for him. You can have stuffed and fried tomatoes, capsicums, potatoes along with paneer and mushrooms. Don’t keep the food waiting; you don’t want the fizzle to go out. 

  • Proper Indian food

If he is a big food and a little homey, he would prefer a thali of proper Indian food than a bunch of non-filing foreign food items. Prepare food for him at home and pack in a nice box. It will be like his wifey bringing him food, what a romantic moment.  

  • Laddoos

The winter season is one to have lots of laddoos and halves. If he likes sweets and comes from a family where such items are a diet, he would love to bring him the same. Make laddoos or halva with your own hands and gift him. 

  • The thing you make best

While we discuss all these ideas you can give him not worldly things, but food items, why don’t you serve him something you make best. Even if you are not the famous chef, there must be something you like to make often, and that’s what you should bring for him. 

  • Handmade chocolates

Handmade chocolates are a win-win for everybody without a doubt. You too can make handmade chocolate for him in different milk and dark flavours adding strawberry, mint and other flavours to it. You can easily find a tutorial online, go for it. 

Even if you were hesitant to go through all this work to make something for your boyfriend, we are sure that reading this has changed your mind. Don’t leave an ounce of hardship, and this the best day of his and your life.

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