Can I wear flat shoes with dress?

Wearing flats with dresses can just be as flattering as wearing heels. Knowing how to mix and match can truly elevate your outfit style.

Let's set the record straight. The myth that you must wear heels with a skirt or dress is shared by a lot of women. The misconception that heels are the only footwear option that looks flattering is untrue because they look good with feminine silhouettes. Yes, the incorrect shoe choice can make you appear more unpolished than you actually are, but that just indicates you need to understand a few basic style guidelines. Everyone loves a good pair of heels that showcase curves in all the right places and make you feel attractive, but you should only wear them when you really want to; otherwise, wear chic flats. Women’s flat shoes are considerably more practical for keeping on your toes. Nothing gets more practical than that. 

Women's flat Shoes

Stripe flat shoes

Finding the ideal balance between lines, occasion, and color is key to wearing flats with dresses and skirts. You can wear flats with almost any outfit in your closet, whether it's a classic pointy-toe flat, a loafer, a mule, or even sneakers. Flats don't have to be so difficult to style. Here are a few ways you can look chic and classy in flat shoes. Once you get a hold of it, you will realize how easy and fun it is to actually style your outfits with flat shoes. 

1. Consider the occasion 

As with any style, it's important to consider the desired outcome when making shoe selections. For the office, for instance, you should choose a more elegant shoe to go with your skirts and dresses, like a mule slide or loafer. Choose a refined alternative for a formal event, such as a pointed toe slide or adorned ballet flat in a special occasion fabric, like satin. A pair of simple ballerina flats or a pair of classic design sneakers for casual everyday wear can work just as well because they are so versatile and presentable enough for any setting.

2. Play by the rules 

As you may have seen, it's a common and sure way to frequently choose neutral footwear like black, white, or nude pumps and booties because they match everything. In flats, the same principle applies. One thing, though, stands out: If you wear a neutral-colored skirt or dress, be sure to play up your shoes. A vibrant print like leopard or a bold color like red can instantly make any outfit sparkle. In other words, it's your statement piece of the outfit. 

3. Keep it classical 

Pointy toe flats in black and nude are always a good choice because they go with practically anything. When you wear shoes that match your skin color, the pointed toe not only looks stylish but also helps to lengthen your legs in the same way that wearing heels does. Choose your ideal shade of nude as well as traditional black if you only own one pair of flats because you can wear them with every outfit in your closet.

4. Create a centre point 

Every appealing ensemble begins with a focal point, that one item of clothing or accessory that calls for attention. Keep it basic rather than pair multiple clashing colors, textures, and patterns.

Choose if the dress, the shoes, or a different accessory like a jacket, statement jewellery, or handbag will take the attention when flats are worn with a dress. Make your dress the focal point of your ensemble, for instance, if it is long, flowing, and decorated with striking flowers. Let your hot pink patent leather shoes sparkle if you have some.

5. Build on your outfit 

Look for colors that go well together. Choose brown, tan, or nude flats if your dress has a warm color scheme. By including loud colors, you can also create contrast. Stylish flat shoes are a great option if your dress is in a trendy pastel color.

6. Consider your silhouette

There is no right or wrong when it comes to what silhouette to wear with a dress because flats come in all different forms and sizes. Think about the event you are going to. Are you making your way to a chic bar after a long day of work? The weather prediction calls for rain, and you have plans to spend the day in the city. A flat sneaker or boot might be your best option if you plan to walk. Ballet flats, Mary-Janes, and mules are your go-tos if the event is a little more formal, such as a dinner date or Sunday brunch.

In the warmer months, wear your flats with skirts and dresses that end above the knee. Just below the kneecap, or you can push it a little bit, but anything further may make you appear shorter. Increase the appearance of height by exposing more of the lower leg. Dresses and skirts that reach your leg should be avoided unless you are exceptionally tall. For extra warmth during the cooler months, layer your favorite dress with a pair of leggings or skinnies. With your flats, it is sure to look just as stunning. If you're on the lookout for some new styles, shop flat shoes online.

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