Each One Can Educate One for A Better World

Education has an essential and crucial role to play in everyone’s lives, but only a few provide a holistic, values-based education in 21st century India.

Education being the key to knowledge, character and development, it is imperative to make it available to all children without any discrimination whatsoever. Hence, quality education should not be limited to only the privileged class but must be made available and accessible even for educating underprivileged students too. Education being a struggle for underprivileged rural children, the e1e1 Foundation steps in to provide them with the opportunity of receiving quality, values-based education. An NGO working for education,the e1e1 Foundation nurtures an education system that incorporates the regular academic curriculum, sports and other extra-curricular activities, along with inculcation of the universal human values of love, brotherhood, empathy, unity and gratitude. 

About e1e1 Foundation and their ideology

Established in 2017, the e1e1 Foundation is an NGO working for the education of rural, underprivileged children. It provides free of cost, holistic education to children from the higher primary level all the way to the university.

  • Vision: To realise a world where every child has access to quality, values-based and holistic education.
  • Mission: To serve as a global platform for like-minded individuals and institutions to participate in giving every child access to quality values-based and holistic education.

●Impact: In the last 5 years, the e1e1 foundation has cumulatively supported the education of over 13,500 children. In the current academic year, the Foundation is supporting the education of 3,000 children in 27 campuses across 20 districts of 3 states. 

Below is a quick overview of the e1e1 Foundation:

  • Values-based, quality education from higher primary level to the university
  • Well-established, safe and secure campuses
  • Nutritious, wholesome food
  • End-to-end, complete care for children
  • Separate residential campuses for boys and girls
  • Personality development programmes – soft skills, communication skills, life skills, and internship
  • Value of ‘giving back to society’by Paying it Forward to the next generation

In order to address various interconnected factors while educating underprivileged students, e1e1 Foundation implements two Edu-care Programmes at the school level and one Edu-care program at the university level. All admissions are done from the 6th grade. Based on need, each student is absorbed under the respective programs and when somebody takes a step to donate for education under a particular Edu-care program, a student under that particular program is allowed to benefit from it. 

●Each One Educate One – Under this program, the beneficiary children get the opportunity to access high quality education, free of cost. They also get a conducive community-life environment within the premises of well-secured campuses.  

●Each One Embrace One – This program focuses on caring for children hailing from extremely destitute backgrounds. Hence, under this program, the Foundation not only provides free education, but also takes care of other expenses towards food, clothing, basic essentials, and the like. 

●Each One Higher Educate One – This program provides an opportunity for students topursue their university graduation followed by a paid internship and post-graduation. The internship allows them to imbibe real world job skills and graduate as resourceful individuals. 

The education system at e1e1 Foundation

All the beneficiaries of the e1e1 Foundation benefit from the curriculum of the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Gurukulam Schools and theSri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence – an autonomous private university. A modern-day Gurukula system of education is followed across all levels of the academic journey, from the higher primary level all the way to Graduation, Post-graduation and even PhD. Apart from the regular higher studies courses in sciences, mathematics, computer science, arts & literature, history and economics, the SSSUHE is the only university also offering courses in Vedic studies, and Performing Arts which include Music – Carnatic & Hindustani and Indian Classical Dance – Bharatanatyam. 

E1E1 is not an NGO working for education at just the primary or secondary school level, it is much more than that. It represents a model of education where children are honed to be self-sufficient and resourceful in the real world with academic excellence, sports, extra-curricular activities and self-development programmes for human excellence. Thus, for e1e1 Foundation, educating underprivileged students is an endeavour to make education a life-enriching, winning game for all!

Your support is crucial

The e1e1 Foundation believes that their vision is attainable only through a collective collaboration between the Society (Samaja), the Government (Sarkara) and the Institution (Samstha). To create a harmonious coherence between the three, this NGO working for education maintains complete financial transparency, allowing benefactors to understand how their investment is being put to optimal use.

In addition, when you donate for education, you enter the Foundation’s ‘circle of generosity’ i.e., when you educate a child, that child grows up imbibing the value of giving back to the society by supporting the education of another needy child, so on and so forth. Donate for education with the e1e1 Foundation and witness the change you have always wished to see! 

Author Profile:

e1e1 Foundation is an Indian NGO that provides quality, values-based education to rural, underprivileged children. It implements three Edu-care Programs – Each One Educate One, Each One Embrace Once, and Each One Higher Educate One. Currently, the Foundation has 3,000 beneficiaries in 27 campuses across 20 districts in three states.  Donations of ₹500 and above towards this Foundation qualify for tax exemption under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

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