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Carnations Bouquet For Your Love

To be very honest whenever you get an invitation you always think of gifting flowers as a primary gift. And among the list of flowers roses always rank the top.

To be very honest whenever you get an invitation you always think of gifting flowers as a primary gift. And among the list of flowers roses always rank the top. But have you ever thought of adding carnation flowers to your list? If not yet, then it’s time to think about. Now the question is why you should gift carnation, this is because it has an enriched history from the Victorian period the flower has created distinguished magic. Besides that like roses here also you get oodles of option pertaining to its hues. Therefore let’s see what are the type of carnation bouquet that you can select.

  • Color Palette: You always have a desire to decorate your room with flowers. And in fact, you have the habit of picking flowers from the florist shop and decorate the centre table. And just like your sister too likes the same but her favorite flower is carnation. Keeping that in mind you designed an idea of surprising her on this birthday. So you got a multi-colored carnation bouquet with ten carnation flowers. No doubt the moment you saw the bouquet it reflected colors like yellow, red, and pink with small green leaves peeping from every corner. It is needless to say your sister will love the color palette. And along with the flower, you will get a little teddy that is also too cute. 

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  • Mixed Color Bouquet: Your mother loves to do gardening, and till date, she has added so many flowers to her gardening list. But somewhere carnation was missing from the category. So on this mother’s day, you thought to hug your mother with a bouquet. And that one would be a mixed color carnation bouquet. The blooming colors included yellow, red, pink, baby pink and white. All these colors seem to have created a color riot. How lovely and enchanting it looks with a pink tissue wrapper. On top of that, the pink rope tied in the form of a knot makes it classier. 
  • Splendid Creation: Your wife loves to decorate the interior. In fact, she does that with full passion. To acknowledge her wholehearted dedication towards decorating the house, you thought to gift her flower bouquet on her birthday so that she gets more scope to enhance the décor of the room. So you picked a double shaded flower bouquet which has carnation of orange color and yellow color lilies. The combination of yellow and orange exhibited the enthusiasm and energy your beloved wife possesses. On top of that the green wrapper again gives a verdant feel to the room. 


  • Artistic Appeal: Your niece is an art student. So whatever she does whether its painting or refurbishing the look of her home she views it from the eyes of an artist. Hence you clicked with an idea that on her college farewell day you will also send her a gift and that is a delightful carnation bouquet. The bouquet has 24 carnations and mostly in hues as red, pink, white and yellow. The flowers are tied together and they look like one color complimenting the other. And the most extravagating beauty is the glass vase which has been used to hold the flowers. Therefore stay assured that your niece will appreciate your artistic view as well.
  • Gorgeously Classic: Carnation as a flower has a mystical charm especially the vibrant colors which look elegant and glamorous at the same time. Therefore on your husband’s birthday you thought to send him red color carnation along with yellow lilies. Together these flowers are magical and the lovely petals complete the look of the carnation flower. Thus your husband will just love the arrangement also which is done in a composed transparent glass.

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