Cat Hotels - Are They Worth It

Cat Hotels: Are They Worth It?

You might have used a traditional cat boarding house before, or perhaps simply asked a friend to look after your beloved cat for a few days when you went away. Now that you’re planning a longer holiday, you’re worried about your cat being properly looked after. Should you consider a cat hotel? Are they worth it? We look at some of the features and services offered by cat hotels.


Just like the luxurious Sydney apartment accommodation options that are available for people visiting Sydney, cat suites come with full features for comfort. These may include the following:

  • Private rooms or suites
  • Luxurious and cat-friendly flooring and bedding
  • Toys and climbing posts
  • Climate control, including hygienic air filtration system
  • On-site veterinary care
  • Daily suite cleaning and servicing

Hence cat hotels can cover pretty much everything necessary for the comfort of your pet. However, things like making sure that your pet health insurance is up-to-date are the owner’s responsibility (though pet hotels will have their own business insurance).

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Your cat’s cat hotel experience might come with additional options. Some cat hotels offer a pickup or valet service, which can be helpful if you’re pressed for time before your departure. The hotel will also drop your pet off once you get home.

If your cat needs additional attention, you could ask for special care. These could include extra meals, brushing, administering of medication, or other special attention.



Some pet hotels are happy for you to drop by the place for a tour with your pet, to see how your pet adjusts to the environment. This can be helpful for owners who are concerned that their cat may not comfortable settling into a new place.


A cat hotel will typically offer a range of menu choices for your cat. Depending on the hotel, these may be well known pet food brands or freshly prepared food. You may be able to specify a special diet regime, or provide your own food for feeding time.

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Many pet hotels will offer additional services. These might include webcam, so you can keep an eye on your cat at all time of the day and night, wherever you are. Grooming can be an additional, option feature.

Some cat hotels offer play time services, where your cat can enjoy communal playgrounds with other cats under supervision. There may be special training programs that you can sign up for at the cat hotel.

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So, should you use a cat hotel? There’s no doubt that your cat would enjoy a good level of comfort and plenty of attention. If your kitty is used to being pampered, and if you’re happy to pay a little extra for the luxurious experience, a cat hotel could be an ideal option.

The decision will hinge on your budget and whether you’re looking for a quality home-away-from-home experience for your cat, or whether a simple, basic boarding service will do for you and your cat. Most cat hotels offer basic and luxury packages, so you could find that a cat hotel turns out to be an inexpensive option for your budget.

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