Things You Should Consider When It Comes To Choosing The Best Hotel

In this you will learn what to consider when choosing a hotel to stay during your trip.

It becomes so frustrating when you need to make a choice between so many hotels but you can’t decide which one to choose from all of them.

30 percent of the people start looking for the online hotel using Google. So their journey begins on the search engines.

You need to scroll through different websites and read so many reviews until you find the best hotel that will be a perfect match for your need.

In order to find the best hotel, you would need to look for features like basic comfort, amenities and of course the price too.

Which is not one of the exciting parts of a trip. So to save you the trouble we have compiled a list of factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a hotel for stay.

1. Know what is most important to you

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Have you ever been in a situation where you are scrolling through different websites but none of the hotels will interest you?

The problem is not with the hotels but the thing is you can’t decide what do you want. If you don’t know what are your needs then how come you are going to book any hotels at all.

You should be asking yourself questions like, Do you feel comfortable in a small intimate room or you want a big luxurious room?, Do you want an outside view?, Are you looking for a budget room or Five-star hotel?, Do you want a luxurious interior?

In short, you should know what is important for you so you can easily choose between hotels.

2. Know The Amenities They Are Offering

Amenities are the first thing you should check when booking a hotel. The reason is, sometimes there might be displayed so many amenities but when you arrive at the hotel you get to know that it is not free.

If they are not free then you will end up paying more then your budget for the whole trip and without amenities like wifi it will be boring to stay in a hotel.

Also before booking any hotel see if they are offering your desired amenities free or not. You can check it on the hotel’s website.

On top of that, you should contact them personally and fully confirm your doubts before booking the hotel.

If the hotel is fraudulent when offering amenities or refunds, you can check this on hotel reviews. So be sure to read all reviews the hotel received.

3. Check the hotel’s website.

hotel’s website.

If you are booking your hotel using third-party services like TripAdvisor then sometimes you might not be aware with newly updated policies of the company or new prices.

Or sometimes the photos of the displayed hotel might be wrong and you end up booking a wrong hotel.

To prevent that situation you should first check the hotel’s website and read all the policies and services they are offering.

4. Know The Exact Location Of The Hotel.

Travelling is all about the locations. If you don’t exact location of your destination then how are you going to reach there at all?

You should never trust the location description gives by hotels. They might describe the location like “it is very close from famous White house” but in reality, it might be some “10 minutes using metro” and then “15 minutes using cab”.

It is one hell of a distance. And when you try to follow the instruction on the hotel’s site you get nowhere.

So always find the location of your hotel prior to your journey and before booking the hotel. Also, check if there are any places you may like to visit or shopping something.

In short, the location of the hotel should be reachable.

Location hotel

5. Find Out When The Hotel Was Renovated Last Time.

Often customers rely upon the clean and decent interior and most of the time that does not happen.

So before booking the hotel, you should check when was the last time the hotel was renovated or updated.

The photos of the hotel on the internet may lie or may differ completely from the original place.

Maybe the photos on the internet were taken 5 or 6 years ago from that time period if the hotel was not even renovated once they can’t expect anything from them.

If the hotel was updated 2-3 years ago then you might expect cleanliness and decent interior from the hoteliers.

6. Focus On Reviews From Last One Year.

It may get tricky when checking reviews of the hotel on Google or on the other sites. You may see excellent reviews for a hotel from like five years ago.

In five years a lot of things may change from hotel owners, interiors and workers. So that same hotel might not be the same as it was five years ago.

So if the hotel were to get worse then that negative reviews might be interfering with positive reviews from five years ago.

Thus you won’t be able to decide if the hotel is good or bad by seeing a mix of reviews from other customers.

So when you check reviews, make sure you check for only last one year. This way you will be sure that your picked hotel will be great.

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7. Read The “Terrible” and “Poor” Reviews.

This is one of the most important tips of all. By reading these kinds of reviews you will learn the true nature of a hotel.

By analyzing reviews from last one year you will notice a pattern of problems that might not be solved till present.

If you see an issue that all the customers are describing that same issue repeatedly then you should stay away from that hotel.

And sometimes you should understand what the main problem is. If they reporting an issue regarding air conditioner failure in winter seasons then that issue is negligible and you can choose that hotel.

8. Price.

Price is one of the first things everyone check when booking a hotel online. If you are low on budget and looking for a hotel with basic features then you should totally make sure it that they are offering that services or not even if it is described on the website.

It’s your hard earned money, if they are not offering what they claim on their website then they are worthless.

Like I said earlier when you arrive at the hotel and learn that displayed amenities on the website are not free. Then the whole excitement of your trip may get ruined.

Final Words.

So these were the best tips you should consider when booking a hotel online. Always check all the necessary things before you spend your hard earned money on the hotel bookings.

Also when it comes to Best Hotel In Rajkot City, The Patria suites hotel in number in our list with so many amenities and luxurious interior.

If you have any other tips that you would like to share with our readers then go ahead and do so.

I am waiting for your tips so that I too can learn something from you. Also, you have any queries or would like to appreciate my work then comment down below.

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