Cellma And Cardiology-A Look Inside Cellma’s Cardiology Module

Cardiology electronic medical records (EMR) and billing software help to meet the complex needs of today’s heart and vascular practises.

We discussed Cardiology Information System (CIS) and how it can help a cardiologist or cardiology practitioner in an earlier blog in the Cellma and Cardiology series. A cardiology information system, also known as a cardiovascular information system, is a collection of information architecture, software, and data portability components that integrate healthcare data from various settings such as hospitals, clinics, and individual offices. Cardiology software electronically stores cardiac patient medical information. Ideally, the software not only considers the specific needs of cardiologists, but also allows them to spend more time with patients.

This blog will go over how RioMed’s world-class software solution Cellma can help you increase the efficiency of your cardiology practice.

About Cellma
Any healthcare organization’s needs can be met by tailoring the Cellma healthcare information system to suit them. A healthcare information system with modules is called Cellma. This implies that it can be tailored to specific needs, like only including modules that will actually have an impact.

Cardiology Software Solution Needed:

Strong e-prescribing is crucial in cardiology software because cardiac patients are generally older and older patients are frequently prescribed multiple medications. As cardiology software becomes more specialised, it is getting harder to determine which system is best for your practise. Furthermore, there is growing pressure to fully comply with the new Meaningful Use requirements.

Cardiology electronic medical records (EMR) and billing software help to meet the complex needs of today’s heart and vascular practises.

How will Cellma help your cardiology practise?

Cardiology electronic medical records (EMR) and billing software help to meet the complex needs of today’s heart and vascular practises. Cellma and its associated solutions manage all aspects of the cardiology process and are further explained.

Cardiology and Electronic Patient Records:

Cellma’s EPR (electronic patient record) module, for example, ensures that all patient information, beginning with referrals and admissions, is kept in one location. It operates on the “One patient, One record” principle. This information is accessible to all authorised healthcare professionals, making it simple and straightforward to distribute.

Dashboard Reporting and Cardiology:

A real-time dashboard that allows physicians to view patient charts, profiles, billing processes, scheduling, and other information in one place is required in cardiology EMR software systems. The dashboard also reduces the amount of time spent opening multiple tabs. Every piece of data is collected and securely stored within the Cellma network using Cellma’s Reporting Dashboards. Patient records, admissions, referrals, discharges, diagnoses, prescriptions, drug usage and waste, financials, and geographic information are all part of this data set. Data is used to generate graphs, maps, and infographics that depict changes over time, within a given period, or in averages. Digital patient graphs reduce the number of errors that can occur with hard copies while also saving time for office staff.

A comprehensive strategy for your cardiology practice:

The Cellma Cardiology module combines telemedicine, e-Prescription, lab integrations, scheduling, online payments, a patient portal, and other features. It also includes custom features, reports, and templates that make it simple to access patient history, treatment, and other data. Cellma’s ePharmacy module makes it simple to send or print electronic prescriptions to patients. Patients can create and receive free text notes, such as bills, goals, instructions, follow-up appointments, or care plans. Patients can provide feedback via online surveys, access their medical records, make online payments, schedule clinical tests, and view the results on Cellma’s patient portal website.

The Cellma Cardiology Module’s fundamentals and how it can benefit your cardiology practice are described here. We trust that you fully grasp our cardiology module. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if this isn’t the case. To find out more about how RioMed can benefit your company, request a demo. Check out our products and services. To stay up to date, check out our other blogs and follow us on social media.

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