Clamps – Defenders have access to cut-offs that are quicker

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Bail Out – Passing through NBA 2K22 MT a jump shot or layup yields fewer errors than the normal. Furthermore, it helps in the passing on double teams NBA 2k22. Bullet Passer : Increases the speed at that a player takes rid of the ball, as well as the velocity of the pass.

Clamps – Defenders have access to cut-offs that are quicker and are much more successful playing hip-riding or bumping the ball's handler. Rim Protector – Increases the ability of the player to block shots, decreases the risk of being caught in the crosshairs, and lets you access special block animations.

Worm when boxed out, rebounders have greater success being active and in an ideal rebound position. The Intimidator badge indicates that offensive players have less success shooting in the face of players sporting this badge. Also , it increases shooting defense score when in the face of the opponent.

The best combination of badges depends on the player's physique and personal style. However, using a combination of these badges should give the player the best possible potential for dominating your opponent on court during NBA 2k22.

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