New items in January 2021 in the Appstore

You can share the video on social media. networks or provide friends with a broadcast link so that they leave comments directly in it.

How to while away the New Year holidays with your iPhone we present you the New Year’s novelties in mobile app development dallas in the AppStore in early January 2020.


An application with which you can conduct interactive online broadcasts using the iPhone camera. You can share the video on social media. networks or provide friends with a broadcast link so that they leave comments directly in it.

 MoneyWiz 2

A new version of the popular finance manager with over 130 new features. The app is available on major platforms, automatically syncs across all devices, has support for multiple accounts, a payment planner, and other useful features.

Prism Search

The application can create color palettes based on the selected color in the photo. You can work with the finished photo or take a new one from the application. The app picks up five colors and displays them as a strip that you can share on social networks.

Color myx

Music application for making music. The tracks are divided into thematic collections, which are updated every week.


Smoking cessation app. STOPPP contains cumulative statistics and assigns points for achievements. If you want to quit smoking – STOPPP will provide additional motivation and add game mechanics in this difficult task.

WRC The Official Game

Dynamic racing game with great graphics and realistic physics model, damage and race recording. The game was created under the license of the International Motorsport Federation, it contains the official tracks, cars and racers of the 2014 season.


A minimalistic ski simulator. You overcome obstacles in the form of fir trees and avalanches on a mountain slope. Slide between trees making tapas to the left and right of the edges of the screen, or jump over them with a double tap.

Potion Maker

A game in which you create potions from various ingredients and then sell them. The creation process involves the selection of components and improvement of the properties of the finished potion for sale at a higher price. There are assistants in the game – a cute witch and a cat, who will tell you what and how to do.

Karma run

A simple fantasy runner with pixel art. On your way you will come across skeletons, zombies, spiders and other evil spirits, which must be destroyed with the help of potions. Ordinary failures and obstacles can be simply jumped over.

Flip: A Gravity Game

An interesting variation on 2048 and Threes! Instead of numbers, we have circles that fold and fill, increasing in size. They can only be moved by changing gravity.

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