Do Your Wedding Reception Right: A Perfect Guide For Bride and Groom!

If you are thinking that after going through the wedding ceremony you are done and planning the reception will be a piece of cake, think again.

Wedding receptions are fun. But organizing a reception can prove to be more challenging with all the things that you have to think of from choosing the right venue to finding caterers and finalizing a theme to come up with the right setup will take a lot of time and effort.  Organizing the celebration part is tough as you don’t want to leave anything or make a mistake that would ruin everything. 

Before you start with the task of putting together the other part of your wedding celebration, it is necessary to get some information on how to do it right and work with a coordinator or event planner to get good advice.  

Planning A Wedding Receipt? Build A Roadmap First!

Planning a reception requires focus and time and make sure you are ready to get into the task to ensure you put together a memorable and entertaining affair.There are so many things you know about it but there are many more that you might not have considered. This article brings some tips and tricks that come highly recommended by experts and will help you do things right. You will get to know what to buy, who to talk to and when to do things so that you can budget, coordinate and follow a timeline, expertly and efficiently. 


The first and the most important detail is picking up a venue. As soon as you fix the date, start looking for venues. Keep your budget in mind and look for a place that offers everything you want regarding the reception style such as formal seating, buffet, cocktail party or food stations. From the location of the venue to its size and accessibility, there are many things you will have to consider before finalizing the right one. 


You must take some out of your busy schedule and figure out what you want and how you want it done. Creating a timeline would be a great option; discuss it with your partner, the site manager and people who are working with you to make sure everyone stays on the same page and know what they are doing and how it should be done. From arranging vendors for furniture, flowers and cake to getting the décor done, there is a lot to do and you must be able to do it timely to get things done just the way you want. 


You must keep in touch with the suppliers and vendors to ensure you know what they are doing, if they are proceeding in the right direction and will be able to do everything just right in the given time. Finalizing the menu, checking the flowers and décor arrangements are some of the things that need special attention and you must be ready to focus on each and every detail to put together an impressive and unforgettable reception. 


Get everything in writing; sign contractors with vendors and go through the fine print to resolve any unanswered questions. There will be time when these contracts will help you immensely in getting things done right so make sure you are having these contracts and know their details to avoid any trouble.


Set the right mood for the reception by adding personal touches. You can do it by either setting different flowers of your choice on every table or leaving a note for the guests.  Monogramed cocktail napkins or palette friendly favor at each table can also make your party extra special and add that touch which makes it uniquely yours.

Planning a reception does not have to be difficult; you can look forward to keeping it simple but elegant and memorable by adding your personal touches. With the best tips and tricks for reception Philadelphia PA, you can look forward to doing everything just right and celebrate your big day in style.

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