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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Land Your Dream Job In 2020

With 2020 fast approaching, any chances of getting a job this year seem unrealistic, unless you are waiting to go for a final interview before the year ends. By this time, most companies are hurrying to complete unfinished projects before the festivities heat up. This keeps them very busy with no chances of recruiting. Well, you can use this period to your advantage by becoming more aggressive in your job search. Read on to discover how.

Discover most in-demand jobs

It pays to do your homework to allow knowing industries likely to be hiring in 2020. This will make narrowing down your search and having a clear job-hunting strategy. You are likely to find various positions but the trick is matching them to your professional goal. This requires being authentic and identifying industries aligning with your principles and belief. You will be in position to find that will encourage thriving in your professional career.

Pinpoint your skillset

There is more to a job title. The tasks and duties for the same job vary by company. Additionally, the same job can have a different title as the employer wishes. Therefore, never rely solely on the job title when job hunting. The trick is to focus on your skillset when looking forward to landing a dream job next year. This will increase your chances of qualifying for positions you have never thought of.

Map your work experience and skills developed over time can help to create a job title for a fulfilling career. When now sure of your qualifications, consider online learning in the UK. This allows getting a degree aligning to your dream career. After discovering popular on-demand jobs for 2020, it will be easier to select and get a degree to enhance your chance of standing out during the application process. Having an appropriate degree will give you an edge over other applicants.

Tailored your CV for effectiveness

Sending the same curriculum vitae to various employers will not help you much. Hiring managers always look for applicants with outstanding elements in their CV. Always tailor the CV to match the recruiter’s requirements. The hiring manager will find it easy to tell that you are a good fit for their company. However, you don’t have to align your CV with all available jobs. The trick is to align the CV with your expertise, skills, and professional goals. Doing this will save you time, energy and unnecessary rejections. Tweaking your CV will make your application stand out for recruiters to notice you easily.

Customize the cover letter

A cover letter proves your suitability for the position you are applying. However, make it personable and personal. This will make the recruiter feel your passion, energy, and motivation to apply for the position. Hiring managers usually go through the cover letter that doesn’t just give lists functional tasks lacking engagement. The cover letter should include your qualities and abilities making you the most suitable candidate for the position. However, these should be backed up.

Understanding how to create the right balance when writing a cover letter will increase the chances of getting hired. A quality cover letter should build rapport by showing your love for your career. Afterward, let the hiring manager understand your potential added value to his organization and your accomplishments. Don’t forget to influence the hiring manager by showing how much you know about the company and how it aligns with your professional goals.

Match your career goal to a LinkedIn page

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals with millions of people and active users worldwide. It allows everyone to connect with others with similar interests. The social network has various skills, content, and industries so everyone connects easily. Creating a wonderful LinkedIn profile offers access to various opportunities with a prospect of landing on astonishing careers.

When creating your profile, avoid making it look like a regular CV. A quality LinkedIn profile should boost your brand by revealing who you are. It offers a chance to make your personality shine. The ideal LinkedIn profile is a blend of a CV and a cover letter. Using this professional social network effectively and wisely will set you apart from others.

Some tips ways to find a dream job on LinkedIn  include:

  • Keep your profile updated
  • Use the advanced search feature
  • Update your profile headline
  • Build a network
  • Get active in LinkedIn professional groups
  • Highlight recent professional experience
  • Include comprehensive skills and career objectives

Wrapping up

This year might not have been good for your professional career. Luckily, it is coming to an end in a few weeks. It is high time you got a plan to help you get a dream job in 2020. Research for popular on-demand jobs and get an online degree to match your profession.

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