Exotic India

Exotic India – A Paradise on Earth

We would all agree that the world is a beautiful place to explore. It’s a traveler’s delight for sure and it’s been that way for generations. Name it and you can’t stop getting excited with the names you hear! The Niagara Falls, The Eifel Tower, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The African Safari, The breathtaking Alps and the list is endless. Each of these places has contributed to making the world, a beautiful place to live in. But, as much as I talk about these places, one country which continues to fascinate me is my very own Country by birth. My breathtakingly beautiful India! And I am not saying this just because I am an Indian and am proud to be so. It is because you need to feel the places here and spend quality time to understand that you are in one of the most fascinating countries of the world.

When we talk about the most exotic places in the world which are worth a visit, seldom do we give a thought about our own country and how naturally wonderful it is. Believe me, one life span is not enough to see my country and experience its naturally amazing habitat. The list of fascinating places across the world is endless, but equally, are the places in my own country. When we hear International guests being hosted in our country, we hear that they had been to see the phenomenal Taj Mahal. But that’s only the beginning!! The Taj has been a fascinating place for generations, but have we ever thought of the rest of India and what value add it brings to the rest of the world??. I am sure we wouldn’t have.

You need more than just one life span to travel across my beautiful country, full of beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers, exotic waterfalls, natural groves, coconut plantations, beautiful seaside places and countryside visits as well as ancient places of worship, spread all across the country.  Contributing to these have been the national parks and rich wildlife and Hill stations.  When you have so many places within our own country to explore, I am sure it will always excite us as Indians to explore each and every state of our country, which have been wonderful in their own ways and many with a historic touch, collectively forming a part of Exotic India.

India always continues to be a country which has welcomed and hosted guests from all over the world with immense love, affection and a feeling of brotherhood.  An such, I am not surprised that millions of overseas guests take back fond memories of our beautiful country and places they would have been able to visit.

Being well connected with all modes of transportation, it just requires one to plan their visit and time to India in such a way that they don’t miss out on any place. To have positive energy at all times, India Food, rich in variety and taste, continues to fascinate everyone at all times and you will never have enough of it as you always look for more.

To all my fellow countrymen who frequently travel and tour as well as our International traveling guests, I would say, come and explore my beautiful country, India. From North to South and East to West, you will be left wondering, how I missed this place!, as even a small destination in this country, has all the qualities, to be an International Wonder.

So, before you see the world, see India first as you may never get another chance, in this lifetime, to explore this beautiful country. 

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