Fascinating Festivals & Events in India in 2023

India, the erstwhile land of rajas and maharajas, is drenched wet with the multi-hued brilliance of fascinating cultures and traditions. The country is renowned all over the globe for being the impressive representation of cultural and religious multiplicity that spreads its wings of delight to welcome all and sundry!

Sheer cultural majesty has ensured that India remains a sought-after holiday destination, with heaps and heaps of tourists vying to get their hands around cheap airline tickets to India. With the dawning of the New Year, this craving for tickets to India has only got bigger. 2023 is indeed the right time to concoct a travel itinerary for India as the country purposefully marches towards economic emancipation keeping intact its glorious traditional roots. New airports, better hospitality, advanced public conveniences, and an optimistic aura that resonates throughout the nation beguile travelers to book air tickets to India. However, it is the festivals and events of this country that truly reflect the region’s ancient luminosity and radiant cultural kaleidoscope. Take a look at a few such festivals!

1. Surajkund Mela

As the lovely Indian winters make way for the region’s prismatic spring, a parade of more than 400 craftsmen from all corners of the country find their way toward Surajkund to contrive one of the region’s biggest and most colorful fairs! Held in February, Surajkund Crafts Mela is an annual event that offers a scintillating display of the best handlooms, handicrafts, authentic fragrances, and flavors of rich Indian cuisines. Into its 15th in 2023, this wonderful fete is a grand opportunity for tourists to explore the multi-colored diversity of this massive nation.

2. International Yoga Festival

The International Yoga Festival has grown to become one of the world’s largest yoga jamborees. Tons of enthusiasts from a number of countries take part in this gathering that features yoga classes from world-class teachers, evening discussions with spiritual leaders, and an array of other events. The International Yoga Festival is scheduled for the initial days of March in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

3. Holi

Holi commonly referred to as the ‘Festival of Colours’, is one of the best times to experience the legendary Indian merrymaking. People from all walks of life engage in the utter revelry of this colorful festival. People throw colored powder and water over each other and please their taste buds by sampling some of the most delicious delicacies. Holi is a major Hind festival whose festive reverberations are felt all over the country and it usually falls in the month of March.

4. Baisakhi

Baisakhi, a mid-April festival, is yet another specimen of India’s roaring ethnic diversity! Celebrated primarily by Punjabis, Baisakhi is a New Year celebration that allows the uninitiated to experience the loud and gregarious festivities of the Punjabis that include feasting, Bhangra Dancing, folk music, and fairs. Punjab is the appropriate place to explore the delights of this annual festival.

5. Mt. Abu Summer Festival

Rajasthan, the eternal favorite among European vacationers, has its own share of festivals and fairs. The Mt. Abu Summer Festival is one of them. It is a colossal summer festival that is held every year during the month of May. It celebrates the colorful culture of the region and the warm disposition of the locals. This multi-day carnival of sorts allows foreigners to experience a wide variety of enticements, including but not limited to a boat races, horse race, musical shows, and displays of traditional artifacts.

6. Rath Yatra

Celebrated exuberantly, Rath Yatra is dedicated to Lord Jagannath (a reincarnation of Lords Vishnu and Krishna). During the festival, Lord Jagannath is transported to Gundicha Temple from Jagannath Temple on lavish chariots and is taken back after seven days. It sure is a unique experience to witness a mass of humanity, drenched deep in the colors of faith and belief, taking part in the celebrations. Rath Yatra takes place in Puri, Orissa in July.

7. Krishna Janmashtami

This is another Pan-India festival whose celebratory shades soak the entire country! Krishna Janmashtami commemorates the birthday of Lord Krishna and triggers a massive frenzy of revelries and merrymaking. One of the highlights of this festival is a human pyramid that is formed to break open clay pots filled with curd! Visit India during August and travel, preferably, to Mumbai to witness the chaotic charm of this festival!

8. Ganesh Chaturthi

Once you are in Mumbai, stay there for the hugely spectacular eleven-day Ganesh Chaturthi festival that usually takes place in September. Honoring the birth of the Hindu elephant-headed god, Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi sees the ornately created statutes of Ganesha paraded through the streets and submerged in the ocean. uploadarticle.com

9. Durga Puja

Durga Puja is a celebration of the Mother Goddess and the triumph of the Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. Wonderful statues of Durga are paraded during this multi-day festival and are submerged in the holy Ganges River on the last day.

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