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What Are The Beneficial Features Of Bajaj Card?

See, now with this product, you can buy any of your favorite goodie and payback later. When you don’t have enough cash in your wallet for purchasing a selected dress at that time, you have to use EMI Bajaj Card and without any issue take it.

  • On the card ranges from Rs 30,000 to Rs 3,00,000 for the loan amount
  • It’s a pre-approved loan and doesn’t function like a credit Bajaj Card
  • The bank can give you instant approval. The only thing you have to choose, your EMI plan and allowance
  • They can ask for minimal KYC
  • It’s an amazing product for online shopaholics
  • They give flexible options and wide array of tenor
  • No charges for the foreclosure of the loan

Do You Know To Apply For A Bajaj Card Online Is Too Simple?

Card Online

It’s a magical tool, which can convert your big purchases into EMI. Through this product, you can choose an easy repayment option no matter how big the expense is. This function as a pre-approved loan and can use to buy gadgets, retail products, etc. It’s the smartest way to use this product for daily needs without putting pressure on your wallet. You can shop for products over 50 categories across more than 2,5000 outlets in the world.

For Bajaj finance EMI card apply online, you have to follow a few steps.

Apply Online

Apply Online

  • Visit the official site of the bank
  • Fill personal and professional information
  • Upload KYC with passport size photograph
  • Share registered email ID and mobile number

Which Factors Can Affect Your Bajaj Card Instant Approval Processing?

Factors affecting your eligibility when you are preparing yourself for Bajaj card age, income and documents.

Age Eligibility For Bajaj Finance

KYC Factor For Bajaj Finance EMI Card

 EMI Card

  • Identity proof: A copy of voter ID, driving license, and passport
  • Address proof: A copy of Aadhaar, passport, and latest electricity bill
  • A cancel cheque
  • Passport size photograph
  • Signed NACH mandate form to the KYC collective executives

Should You Pay The Bills Of Your Card And What Is The Procedure?

You can have two ways online and offline. Bajaj card applies online and gets chance to use for multiple purposes. According to the bank, an online have net banking, mobile banking app, autopay and more. For an offline, you have a cash and cheque options.

Is It Necessary To Check A Monthly Bank Transactions?

The bank can send on your registered email ID, after the completed one-month billing cycle. So that, you can view the limit, expenses, and credit score. If you want to maintain your CIBIL, then keep checking monthly transactions.

If you have any doubt related to the product, have a various option. You can call on a toll-free number, write an email or SMS. The executives are in your service by 24*7, so that can use the product without any trouble.

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